Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Sunday Brunch: Carnivale



Carnivale, Latin-fusion restaurant located in the West Loop neighborhood, continues to be one of Chicago's most popular destinations for celebratory occasions including Easter and Mother's Day. In honor of these brunch fueled holidays, signature brunch items will continue into the dinner service, including:

  • Bacon Wrapped Dates - Marcona almond stuffed date, red endive, Fuji apple, romaine
    lettuce, lavender honey vinaigrette, blue cheese sauce 
  • Catalan Deviled Eggs - Aji Amarillo, capers, pine nuts, apple saba 
  • Key Lime French Toast - Key lime stuffed French toast, fresh whipped cream, brown butter, pineapple syrup berries 
  • Huevos Rancheros - Corn tostada, beans, avocado, Oaxaca cheese, chipotle salsa, cilantro, farm fresh eggs 
  • Spain's Benedict - Serrano ham, farm fresh poached eggs, pimento hollandaise, papas bravas, English muffin 
  • Fried Egg Sandwich - Two farm fresh fried eggs, homemade smoked bacon, sliced tomatoes, romaine, aged cheddar, toasted sourdough bread, served with tater tots
  • House Tater Tots 
  • Homemade Candied Bacon 
  • Homemade Pork Sausage 
"Brunch is such a tradition for Easter and Mother's Day.  People want something familiar, but something special too.  Our guests come back every year for these holidays because they know that Carnivale all about creating a memorable celebration, from our menu to our decor," said executive chef Rodolfo Cuadros.

 Carnivale can accommodate large parties. Reservations are recommended by calling (312) 850-5005 or www.carnivalechicago.com/reservations.  
About Carnivale:
Carnivale is located at 702 W. Fulton Market in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. Carnivale's Latin-fusion cuisine explores dishes from Central and South America, Cuba, Spain and the Caribbean. Featuring energetic colors, glamour, photography and wild design, Carnivale engages all of the senses with global flavors, Latin music and luxurious comfort. The restaurant boasts private event space perfect for large parties, weddings and special events. Carnivale is open every day from 11:30AM to midnight for lunch and dinner. For more information, visit www.carnivalechicago.com, become a fan on Facebook, and follower on Twitter@Carnivale312

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Sunday Brunch: Roy's Restaurant

On Easter Sunday, Roy’s Restaurant is offering a spectacular, family-friendly two-course brunch menu at the Chicago location and other Roy's Restaurant locations nationwide. Highlights of the menu include:
Complimentary Housemade Brioche Sticky Bun
Choice of appetizer
Delicious entrée

Full menu details are below. The specialty menu is just $39.95 per person and diners will receive a $20 dining card for use during an upcoming visit to Roy’s.





Sunday, March 29, 2015

March Fun Foodie & Spring Finds!

March was a great month to come across some delicious new items as well as things perfect to have just in time for spring break! Here are some fun finds I'm highlighting this month, in hopes you may be intrigued to check them out yourself too!

Michael Keller, the founder and owner of Calolea is one of California’s early harvest pioneers.  Through experimentation Michael discovered how special it can be to experience the flavors of the early harvest olive oil. The later harvest olives yield a greater quantity of oil that is milder in flavor which invites the infusion of fresh ingredients such as Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, Garlic and Habanero. I used this oil for a couple dishes, including a seafood paella I made recently. It was perfect for cooking and it also added a nice body as a finishing oil!

This imported smoked paprika is from the famous La Vera region of Spain. Following a century old recipe, hand-harvested peppers are smoked dried over holm oak for a minimum of 14 days . This gives the paprika its unique rich flavor. It's also only made in small batches to ensure optimum aroma, color and flavor. I found this paprika to be especially good in recipes as it adds flavor and depth to rice, meat, seafood, stews, soups, eggs, vegetables, etc. The sweet smoked paprika has a deep, rich flavor with a slightly sweet undertone; whereas the hot smoked paprika has a deep, rich, slightly spicy flavor. The company that provides this paprika is Kiva. At Kiva, they strive to provide innovative food from around the world that is great tasting, healthy and of the highest quality. They are committed to using only ingredients that are sourced directly from local farmers that practice sustainable and eco-friendly methods. I used this to make a Hungarian Goulash recipe I've been testing and it came out amazing! I cannot wait to order more since the flavor really stood out, compared to other brands I've tried.

Just add beer, mix and bake to make delicious Boardwalk Food Company beer bread. Entertaining not only got easier, but tastier and more fun! Made in America, Boardwalk mixes are available in four flavors. Any 12oz beverage will work offering a multiple variety of scrumptious options. Part of the fun is deciding what lager, ale, pilsener or stout to use. With craft brews popularity, and microbreweries popping up in more and more places, the list of choices are endless! For St. Patrick's day, I used Guinness to make a Guinness loaf which was delicious and so easy to prepare. You could even use any beer or if you're not into beer, I've also found carbonated beverages will work too! I look forward to trying out the other flavors they have available including Lemon Poppy Seed, Rosemary Sea Salt and Cornbread... In fact, if you want to try a package of their Beer Bread yourself, leave a comment and a winner will be chosen on April 4th who will receive a set compliments of Mr. Muffin!

Now these are some muffin tops I can enjoy! I love my set of 6 Mr Muffin - "Muffin Top" Bake Cups. These are extremely cute and the novelty blue jeans shaped cups make it even funnier as your favorite muffin batter bakes up and spills over the waistband cupcake holder lol. Joel especially liked these and made our weekend morning muffins even more fun to eat! If you need some recipe ideas to make and bake up using these baking cups, I've got quite a few to choose from. In fact, if you want a set of your own, leave a comment and a winner will be chosen on April 4th who will receive a set compliments of Mr. Muffin!

I can never have too making silicone baking mats in my kitchen. They are the perfect liner to baking sheets, baking pans and even roasting pans. These mats from Baking Wizard are of a premium quality and there are two mats included in the set. They fit perfectly for half sized baking trays (18 x 13 inches). My favorite part of these baking mats is that it makes cleaning so much easier and my baking pans have a longer life because of them! Aside from lining my trays and pans, they are also great for preparing pasta and bread doughs. I love the versatility of these! 

With spring break happening, now's the perfect time to pick up some good travel items. I love Dot to Dot products since they've made packing easy and organized for me. This 18" Packing Folder holds up to 8 to 12 shirts or pants. I simply fold and stack the items neatly in the center of the organizer, then fold over the flaps to create a packaged envelope. There's even a folding board with folding instructions included! This makes it easy to separate my items by outfit or type of clothing without having to rummage through my suitcase.

Just as I mentioned above, this packing organizer is exactly the same, only a few inches smaller for smaller articles of clothing. I won't pack anything without them!

Also from Dot to Dot are these travel bottles. After spending more money that I needed on those travel sized toiletries, I opted for these travel bottles which allows me to use toiletries I already have on hand. These travel bottles will not leak during airline travel, are TSA approved and approved for carry-on. They're the perfect size and are absolutely safe for travel. Aside from toiletries, they make good containers for food too, such as condiments for a small picnic since they are FDA approved and 100%BPA Free! These are made with a soft but sturdy silicone body, making it easy to squeeze out contents to the last drop...
Lastly, I recently purchased a Fuji Film Instax camera to use at our wedding and other occasions. I came across these mini frame stickers by Sticky Shoot which adds a bit of fun and pizzaz to pictures we take. This package includes 80 colorfully designed stickers that compliment your pictures. They are easy to use as well with only three steps! Aside from framing pictures, they can also be used for occasional notes and messages. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: March Update

How is it almost April already?! This month just flew by and it's crazy to think we'll be getting married in just over 4 months. Four months?! Needless to say, there always seems to be some kind of wedding related task and this month was no exception. If anything, any wedding planning tasks left to do are mainly small details. I'm thankful all the big tasks have been completed early on. So after all the things crossed off in January and February, here's what's been happening this month...

Save the dates

Last night I finally received my much awaited package of Save the Date invitations. I wanted something special, interactive and that captured our quirky personalities with a touch of casual sophistication. That's when I came across these invites from SweetSights on Etsy. I loved how cute and simply stated it was... and the actual tied knot that happens when guests open it up was the perfect touch! I plan on printing out mailing labels this weekend and mailing them off next week!

Bridal Showers

Now that my Save the Dates are on their way to mailboxes, my mother in law, Marnee, and maid of honor, Melissa, are anxious to start planning the bridal showers they have graciously offered to host. I'm excited about the showers since I never had one before and it will be great to get together with my dear friends and family. I'm especially happy that Marnee has scheduled the shower she is hosting when my mom will be visiting. Melissa is being super secretive about her shower plans... and she knows how hard it is for me to not jump into the whole party planning because I love planning parties to begin with. Regardless, I know these amazing women will throw a memorable experience for me and cannot wait!

Bridal Registries

Initially we didn't plan on registering for gifts and opted to have a honeymoon registry instead. But since we have showers planned, my hostesses suggested that it might be a good idea to have a bridal registry available. We pretty much have everything we need, but we managed to build a registry with items we wouldn't mind replacing or upgrading to. That said, it was fun to work on our registry together. So we're pretty much done with our registries!

Wedding Reception Flowers

Since our wedding is taking on a tropical theme to bring Hawaii to the Midwest, I attended the annual Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden earlier this month to get some ideas.  There were so many gorgeous orchids and I loved the colorful varieties we got to see. After the show, I'm leaning towards getting either potted orchid plants or having tropical orchid arrangements in vases as centerpieces for our tables. One thing is for sure - there will be lots of tropical florals at our wedding and fresh Hawaiian leis made with Dendrobium orchids for each of our guests! At this point, I have already purchased vases and I'm thinking about getting these arrangements for our reception tables, which will be set on white linen lined tables, topped with a burlap runner and placed on fresh banana leaves:

Well that's it for this month's wedding tasks. Not too terribly busy - which is great! - but it boggles my mind how quickly our wedding day is approaching. Stay tuned for next month's update on how our wedding planning and preparations are coming along!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Honey Pecan Crusted Chicken

Life has been especially busy this month that I haven't really had a chance to share some dinner recipes made during the week. But I found some spare time into the wee hours of the night (while my boys were sleeping) to share a recent household favorite. This Honey Pecan Crusted Chicken captures the sweet and savory flavors in crispy un-fried chicken. In an effort to be a bit healthier, this dish was popular and there was no fuss with frying or making an oily mess in the kitchen! Honey, mustard, cornflakes and toasted pecans lend their flavors to a wonderful chicken coating that bakes up beautifully in the oven...

Friday, March 20, 2015

National Ravioli Day: Rana Ravioli Challenge!

Did you know that today, March 20th, is National Ravioli Day?! To celebrate, friends and I recently gathered in the kitchen for a fun night making ravioli. We made the pasta from scratch and prepared a seafood ravioli made with a lump crabmeat stuffing, paired with a roasted red pepper cream sauce [recipe post to share coming soon!] It was such a great night full of laughs, stories and well, lots of delicious food we all prepared together...

Friends and I also feasted on a buffet of pasta, highlighting ravioli,generously provided by my friends at Giovanni Rana. Giovanni Rana has been making pasta for over 50 years. His philosophy is simple: be true to yourself and the things that make you happy. He learned that as a boy in the family kitchen in Veronella and he still believes that today. For him, perfect pasta comes from a passion for food and the joy of sharing that passion with the people you love.

We enjoyed a few kinds of ravioli along with Giovanni Rana sauces, making it such a quick and easy meal to prepare. Our pasta buffet included three sauces - bolognese, marinara and a pesto alfredo, in which I combined Giovanni Rana fresh basil pesto sauce with their alfredo sauce. To accompany our pastas and sauces, I also served up Italian sausage, Italian meatballs and Italian roasted chicken. There was certainly something for everyone to enjoy with our amazing spread...

If you haven't heard of Giovanni Rana pastas and sauces, I highly recommend you scope them out at your local grocery store. They have a complete product line of several fresh pastas and sauces, making dinner easy, quick and delicious to put together. With so many offerings, you'll want to try them all!

Ravioli and Sauces to Choose from:
Ravioli Cheese "Forte": A vibrant cheese blend, including Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P wrapped in thin pasta
Ravioli Spinaci e Ricotta: Fresh baby spinach and ricotta cheese wrapped in thin pasta
Ravioli Chicken Rosemary: All white meat chicken breast and rosemary wrapped in thin pasta
Ravioli Artichoke: A hearty blend of artichoke hearts wrapped in thin, golden pasta
Ravioli Mushroom: Portobello and Porcini mushrooms and creamy cheese wrapped in thin pasta
Ravioli Caprese Duet: Ravioli with two different colors and fillings, tomato mozzarella and basil pesto

Basil Pesto: Made with 100% Genovese basil
Bolognese: Made with a hearty helping of beef, pork, and tomatoes
Alfredo: Made with Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. 
Marinara: This sauce is both light and fresh, made with a zesty blend of spices and cherry tomato halves

Giovanni Rana, synonymous with authentic, Italian pasta, is also partnering with my local food bank to fight against hunger and encourage spending time with family and friends during the Rana Ravioli Challenge

What is the Rana Ravioli Challenge?
We're encourage you to take photos of your experience cooking Giovanni Rana ravioli, sharing the moment with your friends and family on National Ravioli Day. Share a photo on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others with the hash tag - #RanaRavioliChallenge. Each time the hashtag used by a different account on National Ravioli Day (today only), Giovanni Rana will donate 1 pound of pasta to the Northern Illinois Food Bank!

How will  your post count towards the Rana Ravioli Challenge?
You may post up to three times on National Ravioli Day (March 20) on the same or different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others) to increase the amount of pasta donated.

Are you up for the challenge?! If so, grabs yourself some Giovanni Ranna Ravioli & start posting your meals with the hash tag #RanaRavioliChallenge to fight against hunger!

Northern Illinois Food Bank
Northern Illinois Food Bank leads the northern Illinois community in solving hunger by providing nutritious meals to those in need through innovative  programs and partnerships. Since 1983, food manufacturers, local grocers, corporations, foundations, and individuals have come together to donate food and funds, and evaluate and repack food for distribution to 800 community food pantries and feeding programs serving more than 71,000 hungry neighbors each week across 13 counties. That commitment provided 50 million meals to those in need in FY14.  Find out how you can Volunteer, Donate and Get Involved at www.SolveHungerToday.org or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Northern Illinois Food Bank is a member of Feeding America.

Giovanni Rana
Giovanni Rana has been a renowned pasta maker in Italy for over 50 years. In 2012, the Rana family launched its first state-of-the-art factory in the US (just outside of Chicago in Bartlett, IL), which produces the retail line of pasta and sauces now distributed all over the country. The factory is home to proprietary machinery designed by Giovanni that mimics the movements used to hand-roll dough to produce an exceptionally thin pasta with a delicate bite. The fillings are created from artisanal ingredients including D.O.P. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese imported by the wheel and D.O.P. Genovese basil.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

International Home & Housewares Show 2015 Recap


Last weekend, celebrity chefs, style experts, and the leading names in home and kitchen products took the stage at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show. I had a great time meeting up with some brands and clients on upcoming projects I'm working on. I even got a chance to hang out with some celeb chefs I've worked with before!

Chef Spike Mendelsohn for Black & Decker

Chef Rick Bayless

Each year, the product innovations unveiled at this show set the tone for the newest home and kitchen trends and predict consumer demands. I had a chance to check out quite a few things and I'm excited about the way the industry is moving. Below is a snapshot of select trends and themes displayed at this year’s show (and there were a lot to see!):
  • Pressure Cookers: pressure cookers are making a comeback and brands are capitalizing on this trend by rolling out versions in both stove-top and electric 
  • Air Quality Appliances: as we learn more about the dangerous pollutants in our homes, consumers are turning to humidifiers and air purifiers to breathe easy
  • Shying Away from Pod Machines: electric kettles and filtered coffee makers gain popularity as consumers become more eco-conscious 
  • Continuation of Colors: speckled, color splattered, copper accents, pastels and bright hues
  • Electrics: whether brands were launching in the electrics space for the first time or expanding their existing lines, the electrics showcased focused on convenience and practicality, with a concentration on multi-cookers 
  • Innovation In Healthy Living and Eating: Convenient products that make healthy living easier are on the rise. Products that align with this trend include kitchen tools that combine technology and functionality and help consumers prepare fruits and vegetables.
  • Evolution of Technology In The Kitchen: Smart kitchen products appeal to consumers because they offer convenience and control. High-tech in the kitchen has advanced rapidly, and quickly, with products that make cooking easier. 
  • Multi-Tasking Products That Do More: Consumers, intrigued by the idea of saving money and cabinet space, are becoming more interested in buying one product that serves multiple functions in the kitchen. 
With so many brands represented, I have a few favorites and here's an inside peek at some of the most on-trend 2015 launch products from worldwide brand leaders including: All Clad, KRUPS, T-fal, Lagostina, Rowenta, IMUSA, Cookina, Excalibur and Omega...

KRUPS: worldwide leader in kitchen applianceswith a passion for the best brew

  • NEW! KRUPS Savoy Collection –Essentially, the much anticipated KRUPS Savoy line is a product line that has been designed using extensive consumer research, and thus delivers on what KRUPS has learned and now knows the customer wants:  a coffeemaker that embodies the perfect marriage of form meeting function. The EC311 Classic ($49.99) and the EC314 Stainless Steel ($79.99) offer the latest advances in technological settings, which provide consumers a more unique and customized brewing experience. LAUNCHING SEPT 2015
  • KRUPS 1-liter Personal Tea Kettle F702 is a beautifully functional twist on the traditional kettle. Featuring a mesh brewing basket, a self-locking removable lid and an angled spout, this tea kettle offers optimal water temperature for a perfect flavor. You’ll want to enjoy a hot cup more often with this tea kettle ($49.99)


T-fal: Inventor of non-stick & America’s
favorite home & housewares brand

  • 7-in-1 Deep Fryer & Multicooker: Features 7 versatile cooking functions, allowing the user to fry, braise, sauté, simmer, brown, boil / pasta, and keep food warm. The 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker & Fryer comes with a handy removable timer, allowing you to leave the kitchen without fear of not hearing the timer go off. LAUNCHING SEPTEMBER 2015 - $99.99
  • 10-in-1 Rice & Multicooker: Includes 10 cooking programs: rice, risotto, reheat, oatmeal, slow cook, steam/soup, yogurt, baking browning and keep warm. The Rice & Multi-Cooker also has the ability to preset up to 24 hours in advance and includes “Fuzzy Logic” technology that auto-adjusts settings during cooking for a perfect meal every time. LAUNCHING SEPTEMBER 2015 - $99.99
  • T-fal Excite Cookware: Features T-fal's patented Thermospot technology that indicates when the pan is perfectly preheated to seal in flavor and prevent burning. The set is dishwasher safe and guarantees durable non-stick performance during heavy use while still allowing for fast, easy clean-up. Available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum, in Cherry,TangerineGrapeTurquoiseKiwi and Liquorice. NEW COLOR LAUNCHING SPRING 2015: Berry ($69.99)
  • T-fal Red 1.7L Kettle: This Electric Kettle guarantees a hot, delicious brew without the hassle of monitoring the stovetop every minute. Featuring a unique automatic shut-off function, the T-fal 1.7L Electric Kettle will only brew as long as needed, as the water level indicators allow users to measure preferred serving size ($39.99)

Rowenta: the leading manufacturer of high-performance garment care and small home appliances

  • Intense Pure Air ($299, $399) – The Intense Pure Air is the only air purifier on the market that filters 99.97% of pollution and captures and destroys formaldehyde. Offered in two sizes, the “Bedroom” purifies up to 115 square feet and the “XL Room” purifies up to 262 square feet. The purifier’s smart pollution sensors provide automatic filtration regulation. LAUNCHING AUGUST 2015
  • Perfect Steam Station ($345) – The Perfect Steam Steam Station can iron for more than one and a half hours with its 47 oz. removable tank and outputs steam at 120 g/min. This steam station produces three times more steam than a traditional iron. LAUNCHING AUGUST 2015
  • Compact Steam Station ($269) – The Compact Steam Station heats up in just two minutes and offers 1800 watts of power and 80 g/min steam output. This model has a 40.5 oz tank and is easy to store with its compact base and easy to transport with its lock system and steam cord storage. LAUNCHING AUGUST 2015
  • Access Steam Irons ($49.99, $59.99) – This line of irons offer three settings for an easier ironing experience without compromising the brand’s powerful 1600 watt steam performance. LAUNCHING AUGUST 2015
  • X-CEL Steam Hand Steamer ($64.99, $69.99) – This hand steamer offers up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted 1500 watt steaming with its 6.76 oz. removable tank. The X-CEL Steam Hand Steamer will smooth garments with constant steam or steam burst options. LAUNCHING SEPTEMBER 2015

All-Clad: the undisputed choice of
restaurant chefs and serious home cooks

  • PC8-PRECISION Stovetop Pressure Cooker ($299) – The All-Clad PC8-PRECISION takes the guess work out of pressure cooking results. The 8.4 quart stovetop pressure cooker provides easy to use technology and features four specific cooking programs specially pre-programmed to ensure success for all recipes, as well as a two-part cooking process which optimizes flavors and texture. The easy to set “smart timer” automatically notifies you when pressure has been achieved and released, along with audible sounds when each step is complete, including when the meal is finished. 
  • Hard Anodized Grill/Griddle ($99.99) – This grill/griddle’s ridged surface adds grill marks while draining away excess fat and low sides make the entire surface accessible to simplify turning of foods. It has a   grease trough in center separates any excess oils from either side of the vessel.  
  • 16” Covered Oval Roaster ($199.99) – Ideal for roasting large cuts of meats or making large meals when entertaining, this roaster is made from heavy gauge polished stainless steel and has large loop handles for maneuverability. LAUNCHING SEPTEMBER 2015
  • KS22 Kitchen Scale ($99.99) – The KS22 Kitchen Scale provides precise unit measurements in both imperial (oz., fl. oz. and lb.) and metric (g., ml. and kg.). Its TARE function accounts for the weight of an additional bowl, cup or plate. The removable 9” stainless steel plate is also magnetic and dishwasher safe, which is convenient for both professional and at-home chefs. LAUNCHING AUGUST 2015New and improved 10-pc. Nonstick Stainless Steel Set ($799.99) – Set includes a 8” & 10” Fry, 2 & 3 Qt. Saucepan, 3 Qt. Sauté, 8 Qt. Stock Pot. The set is dishwasher and oven safe. Made in the USA.

Lagostina: Italy’s preferred premium cookware brand

  • Axia Tri-Ply Stainless Collection ($399.99) – The ultimate combination of performance, design, and comfort for inspired cooking every day. Lagostina’s signature polish shines on the satin finish 18 / 10 stainless steel interior, the brushed stainless exterior and elegant stainless steel lids. Premium three-layer construction combines stainless steel inside and outside with a thick heat-radiating aluminum core for optimal heat distribution throughout the entire pan.  
  • Axia Tri-Ply Stainless Ceramic Collection ($399.99) – The ultimate combination of performance, design, and comfort for inspired cooking every day. Premium tri-ply stainless technology combines stainless steel exterior and Meteorite® Grey Ceramic Interior inside with a thick heat-radiating aluminum core for optimal heat distribution throughout the entire pan. Riveted cast stainless steel handles stay cool on the stove and are built for comfort, strength and stability over a lifetime of use. LAUNCHING AUGUST 2015
  • Linea Patrimonio (Heritage) Specialty Range ($179.99-$299.99) – Hand crafted in Italy, the Heritage range is a collection of items dedicated to classic, universally renowned Italian dishes. Each piece is specially designed for a particular dish, an invitation to explore the many and varied flavors of the country’s regional cuisine. The Domina Vitamin Pressure Cooker and Saltapasta will launch in Fall 2015.
  • Martellata Hammered Collection (in both Copper ($599) and Stainless ($499)) - Premium tri-ply technology combines stainless steel inside and outside with a thick heat-radiating aluminum core for optimal heat distribution throughout the entire pan. The Stainless collection’s magnetic exterior is designed to work with all cook-top ranges, including induction. Riveted handles stay cool on the stove and are built for comfort, strength and stability over a lifetime of use. LAUNCHING AUGUST 2015

 IMUSA: Leader in ethnic and international cookware

  • Speckled Induction-Safe Cookware – Made with induction technology, IMUSA’s debut line of induction cookware is safe to use with all stove topes (gas, electric, induction, ceramic, etc.). Featuring various pieces including sauté pans, comals and calderos, available in bluebeige and grey-speckled finishes. 
  • Specialty Electrics – Beautifully crafted with a sleek designs, IMUSA’s new line of SDAs includes a 5-cup rice cookers, 10-cup rice cooker with steam stray, slow cooker, 4-cup gourmet espresso maker, electric wok, electric tortilla maker and electric single and double burners.

COOKINA: Pushing the envelope on innovation

COOKINA launched their NEW and improved COOKINA Reusable Grilling Sheet, COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet and COOKINA Gard Oven Protector. COOKINA sheets are non-stick, heat-resistant and the only sheets on the market certified for use at 550°and PFOA free. COOKINA allows users to cook food to perfection without using oils or sprays to grease the surface –for a tastier and healthier cooking experience. (Available at Cookina.co for $12.99)
  • NEW COOKINA Reusable Grilling Sheet: Summer time and the livin’s easy … until you are full body scrubbing your grill after the last BBQ you threw. Never fear, place this product on your grill, get the smoky grill marks you want, and never have a mess to clean again.
  • COOKINA Reusable Cooking Sheet: Stop buying parchment paper and aluminum foil to line your bakeware. This reusable sheet is a favorite, and non-stick so no need to line with butter or oil!
  • COOKINA Oven Gard Protector: Never clean the bottom of your oven again. Catch all the gooey messes with ease and simply wipe the non-stick surface with a paper towel for clean-up.

EXCALIBUR: Changing the way people all over the world prepare & preserve food

Responding to the rapidly growing dehydrator category, Excalibur unveiled dehydrators perfect for the rapidly growing consumer base. Offering options that support categorical growth, while still catering to current customers, Excalibur’s new dehydrators featured varying price points, designs and digital capabilities. 
  • NEW Excalibur STL and STS 6-Tray Food Dehydrators: Combining advanced technology with superior drying techniques, the Excalibur STL and STS dehydrators deliver unsurpassed dehydration technology. Featuring a digital controller and interface for ease of use, combined with a 48 hour timer and adjustable thermostat, the STS includes a micro-processor controlled heat sensor that offers improved temperature precision. At a competitive price point, the STS is great for preserving and retaining the nutrients in fresh produce, herbs, meats, and more. Perfect for at-home gardeners, health enthusiasts, hunters, pet owners and more.
  • NEW Excalibur ECB50B Food Dehydrator: Equipped with innovative technology for low temperature food drying, helping to retain the nutrients in fresh produce, herbs, meats, and more.  This is a more efficient preservation technique compared to canning or sun-drying. The ECB50B is BPA-Free and equipped with an adjustable thermostat (95F-165F) to provide various temperature options for drying all types of food at a fraction of the cost of store-bought dried snacks. The ECB50B offered at a price point attractive to both novice and seasoned at-home food preservers.
  • NEW Excalibur SVSNEW 3-in-1 Food Slicer: Create healthy and appetizing salads such as potato curls, cucumber spirals, vegetable spaghetti and so much more! Easy to use, the Excalibur 3-in-1 Food Slicer comes with a base and three blades that slice product evenly and consistently, cutting prep time in half. Blades include a flat edge blade for slicing, a fine cut blade for shredding and a coarse cut blade for curling. With easy-to-change blades and disassembly for quick, effortless cleaning, the Excalibur 3-in-1 Food Slicer is the perfect tool for effortless food prep.

OMEGA: Leader in developing the
most efficient & reliable juicers

Since 1985, Omega is the only company to offer centrifuge, masticating, pulp ejection and traditional citrus style juicers. Omega will demo its latest juicing innovations including its self-storing compact “masticating-style” JUICE CUBE - a industry design disrupter with the superior performance synonymous with Omega’s family of high-efficiency and reliable juicers.
  • NEW Omega Juice Cube- CUBE550S: Omega’s Juice Cube is a self-storing compact “masticating-style” juice extractor and more! Make juice, smoothies, all-natural nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk and a variety of healthy snacks. A masticating juicer juices at low speeds of 80 RPM minimizing heat build-up and oxidation. The auger system forces produce into a tight chamber, grinding and pressing the food to squeeze out the juice from items as fine as wheatgrass and leafy vegetables.
  • NEW Omega Twin Gear Juice- TWN30S:  Omega’s new Twin Gear juicer crushes, mixes AND squeezes produce to get the highest extraction possible from your produce.  With an outlet adjusting knob with spring tension, pressure is created in the machine to squeeze out all the juice from the pulp, which means more juice from your produce! Reduced heat build-up in the juicing process allows the juice to be stored for up to 72 hours with minimal nutrient degradation for a healthier, more nutrient packed juice. Plus, less pre-cutting of produce is required as the gears chop of fibers to save consumers more time. Includes two juice screens which allow for the adjustment of pulp levels. Great for juicing fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, herbs, nuts for nut milks and more.
  • NEW Omega Stainless Steel Nutrition Center: Beyond transforming fruit and vegetables (including fine items like wheatgrass) into delicious, nutrition packed juices, the Omega Stainless Steel juicer can make smoothies, sorbets and all-natural nut butters, extrude pasta, make soy milk, almond milk and more! This “masticating-style” juicer has an auger system that forces produce into a tight chamber, grinding and pressing the food to squeeze out the juice, ensuring you get the most value from your produce. The stainless steel exterior lends a touch of class to any kitchen.
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