Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Wine Sangria

A couple days ago I made this rose sangria that I wanted to make another sangria for dinner tonight. Instead of using a rose wine, I used a Chianti instead and it's equally delicious. Add some chopped fruit for additional color and flavor and you've got yourself a delicious cocktail perfect poolside!

Red Wine Sangria
recipe adapted from Bon Appetit - June 2009

1 750-ml bottle Chianti wine
3 cups pineapple nectar
3 cups guava nectar
1/2 orange, chopped
1/2 green apple, chopped
Ice cubes

In a large pitcher, combine the first 3 ingredients. Mix well.
Fill glasses with ice. Pour sangria over the top and mix. Garnish with chopped oranges and apples and serve. Makes 12 servings.


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