Thursday, January 6, 2011

12 Tasty Salads To Ease You In...

After all the rich, heavy foods of the holidays, I find myself craving lighter fare in the new year. It's not so much because it's tied to the ever popular new year resolutions for weight loss though. (I've never really took those resolutions to heart, obviously lol.) It's more like my body just wants a slight cleanse. Salads are a great choice for those who do have those healthy resolutions. whether you're looking to lose weight or just incorporate more vegetables into your diet. But if you think salads are nothing but a bowl of greens, think again. Make salads interesting, delicious and creative. I happen to love any salad that includes a nut, fruit, and cheese of some kind. So if you need some encouragement to dig into salads, here are 12 Tasty Salads To Ease You In...


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