Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Weekly Serving - 2/12/2011

It's been a great week and I'm glad it's the weekend! It's Valentine's Day weekend and while many lovebirds are celebrating, we are too in a different way. But let's get to the food posts first....

Here's what I cooked up in the kitchen this past week...

Here are the recipe collections I've posted this past week...

My weekly musings on Family, Food and Fun...
Family -  This was a fun week with family. My sister in law, Joan, flew in from Florida to spend Valentine's Day weekend with us. She's had plenty of cuddle time with Joel and he loved every minute of it. We like to think that she brought some of Florida's warm weather with her since when she came in, it was one of the coldest days of the year. After a few days, we were basking in sun and 50 degree weather! (Thanks Joan!)

Aside from spending time with Joan, we also started moving into our new place in the city. It took us awhile to find a place but we finally did. It's close to the restaurant and in a residential area near parks and many conveniences. This is probably where we'll probably stay for a few years and will most likely move again before Joel is ready for kindergarten. So our Valentine's gift to each other this year is a new place and making it a home... something we're looking forward to!

Food/Restaurant News - Speaking of the restaurant, things are still being renovated. It's definitely taking longer than expected to get things up and running again, but the best things are worth waiting for. We're looking at another month at the earliest before we open up but perhaps two months would be more realistic. Given that, we've learned a lot and are taking this time to really get our details down. We're planning on taking the upcoming week to test and retest some recipes, perfecting things before our grand opening. Aside from that, we've got events in the works to provide a preview to the public with one happening this coming Friday at a local Whole Foods store. So bear with us... we're anxious for the kitchen to be up & running more than anyone else! Lastly, this weekend's Joely Cakes have been delivered to Three R Grocery and the flavor this week is jackfruit (langka).

Fun - This week's fun was all about gearing up for our move and thankfully we're doing it slowly. We spent a good part of the day cleaning and organizing some of our stuff while Joel got used to his new room. We plan on doing some painting later when the weather is warmer and have settled in a bit. The best part of it all was a new kitchen to play in. The kitchen was lacking some decent counter space so I bought a stainless steel work table which fits perfectly in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to lots of cooking and baking!

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