Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Weekly Serving - 2/26/2011

The end of February already?! This past week took some adjusting but we're getting there! Here are my weekly personal musings on family, food and fun...

Family -  Joel certainly was having a period of adjustment this week. Since our recent move, he's been struggling with feeling comfortable with his new bedroom. He's not exactly a fan of sleeping in his room or crib and instead, he's been snuggling up with us in our room. I'm hoping this doesn't last long but we're constantly trying to get him to embrace his new surroundings.

Aside from that, he's also adjusting with teething! Joel got his first teeth that broke out a few days ago. Surprisingly he didn't get sick with a fever, cold, diarrhea, or any difficult symptoms. If anything, his drooling was more frequent and he's been a bit more clingy.
Now that we're pretty much settled in, we've also given Joel some new toys. One is a fenced in play area that we keep his toys. He loves playing in it everyday and it's full of lots of sights, sounds and textures for him to explore. My parents also thought Joel could benefit from a walker. I wasn't a fan initially but after seeing Joel take to it really well (maybe even too well), I've learned to embrace it and find it really helpful!

Food/Restaurant News - This past week has been a bit slow as we're still waiting on things to clear with permits, insurance and contractors. In the meantime, I've been working with third parties to help market our restaurant and get some exposure to build up for our grand opening. I also attended a vendor event to learn of some new products and services provided by one of our food distributors.

Fun - My parents have been a source of fun this past week. They have visited almost every other day because they can't get enough of their little grandson. We've been spending lots of quality time together shopping, cooking and baking. Speaking of which...

Here's what I cooked up in the kitchen this past week...

Here are the recipe collections I've posted this past week...

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead!


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