Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Weekly Serving - 4/9/2011

This week definitely flew by! I hope you had a great week yourself. Here's my weekly musings on family, food, and fun...

Family - Joel is 48 weeks old this week and only 4 more weeks until he turns 1 year old... the countdown continues! In just a little over a month, he'll be one year old. This year his birthday falls on Mother's Day, which is the best present I could ever ask for. We'll probably do something small with immediate family but it won't be until the weekend after that we'll be throwing his first birthday party. Surprisingly, his birthday invites came a few days early in the mail so I'm starting to get a guest list going. I'm not sure how many we will actually have attending but the restaurant we're hosting the party at allows us up to 50 guests. I highly doubt we will have that many - at least I hope not! Although with children invited, who knows.

I've also started looking at party favors that we'll be giving out to the kids. I still haven't had a chance to check out the fun stuff at Chinatown but I know I'll be including some candy, bubbles, small toys, etc.

Food/Restaurant News - The restaurant is still under construction so nothing to report there. I have been busy though with a special foodie project involving kids. So more on that soon!

Fun - It's been a relaxing week with the usual daily happenings. More than anything, I've been so busy with projects, planning for Joel's birthday, upcoming holidays (Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's day, etc). 

Here's a roundup of what I cooked up in the kitchen this past week...

10 Buttermilk Recipes to Butter You Up With...

5 Pork Chop Recipes to Cook Up...

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead!


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