Friday, June 10, 2016

Round Up: Summer Sipping!


With the temperatures creeping up in the Midwest, we have to do a better job of being hydrated! Summer is a wonderful time to play with drinks - punches, cocktails, etc. Here's a top 10 list of some of our Summer Sipping favorites!

Watermelon, Mint & Lychee MojitosThis pitcher is perfect for a party! Watermelon and mint are a classic flavor combo, but throw in some lychee for a sweet and subtle twist to elevate mojitos a notch!

Bloody Mary PunchThose summer mornings when you've partied it a bit too hard the night before will go by easier with this version of the Bloody Mary. No need to load up on all those extra food distractions - enjoy this one all on it's own!

Blueberry Pom CoolerThis recipe is mixed in with another on my site, but it certainly deserves to be put in it's own spotlight! Aside from the beautiful blush color, the fresh blueberries and mint spring are the perfect garnish to tie the flavors all together...

Fresh Raspberry LemonadeThis one is perfect for the kiddies. Who can resist a refreshing, cold glass of lemonade with some fresh berries thrown in for flavor and color?!

Summer Fruit PunchMade with a blend of juices and ginger ale, this punch is another one for the kiddies to enjoy and you gotta love that beautiful hue!

Watermelon CoolersWatermelon is a must in the summer so naturally, make some drinks with them! These coolers are deliciously refreshing and so easy to make!

Fresh Herbed LemonadePut those fresh herbs to use in some lemonade! It adds a fresh flavor and makes it so fragrant too...

Watermelon & Mint SangriaNot for the kiddies, this twist on a classic sangria combines wine, watermelon & mint for a most refreshing twist...

Peach Bellini Iced TeaIf you've been to Olive Garden, then this drink will be familiar to you! In an attempt to recreating a popular drink there, I think we got the perfect copycat recipe...

Watermelon LemonadeProbably my most favorite drink of this round up, this is colorful, flavorful and so refreshing! Watermelon and lemon are a natural pairing so drink up & enjoy...


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