Monday, October 31, 2016

SNL Halloween 2016

Halloween is slowing becoming one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. Last year we hosted a Halloween party where we encouraged people to dress up in costume. It was fun to see everyone in a whole new light as they sported their clever, funny and creative ensembles! This year, we figured it would be even more fun to have a theme where guests could have some guidance on what to wear. So with that, we chose a Saturday Night Live theme. Friends were encouraged to come dressed as an SNL character from the past, present and anyone in between. I will say our friends are pretty awesome because they definitely came with the best costumes! Here's who attended along with links of the characters in one of their SNL skits for reference...

It was an awesome night with friends despite our beloved Cubs losing to the Indians in Game 4 of the World Series. For our party spread, we didn't have anything out of the ordinary. Most of the menu included tailgate fair including hot wings, lasagna, mac & cheese, pigs in a blanket, Texas chili, chili cheese dip, spicy cheese dip, maple bacon cookies, butter cupcakes, and DIY s'mores. We had a variety of drinks as well - lime punch, pina colada punch, assorted sodas and beers.

So here's to a Happy Halloween from our cast of characters to yours and those who you'll come across today with Trick or Treaters! Happy Halloween!...


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