Thank you to those that have featured me and my culinary efforts in their blogs and publications. It's been a pleasure to share my passion!

Named in Chicago's Top Food Critics & Food Bloggers, Oct 2014
Brand Ambassador for Krusteaz Baker's Dozen, September 2014
Featured in Fox News: 11 Awesome Sauces For Your Summer Grilling, July 2014
Featured in Woman's Day: 14 Stunningly Beautiful Pitcher Drinks, July 2014
Featured on Delish: J is for Jackfruit, July 2014
Co-producer/Speaker at TECHmunch Chicago 2014, June 2014
Featured on Meatballs- Dinner Tonight, May 2014
Featured on College Social: 27 Better Ways to Eat Ramen, April 2014

Featured in Chicago Parent: Holiday Foods Get a Chicago Spin, December 2013
Featured in Groupon: CRU Kitchen & Bar Deal, December 2013
Featured in Chicago Tribune: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, November 2013
Featured in Cooking Light Magazine, October 2013
Featured in HuffPost Taste: Hawaiian Recipes, August 2013
Featured in Chicago Sun Times: Sushi - 5 Simple Rules, July 2013
Featured on ABC 7 News Chicago: Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese, July 2013
Featured on Rachel Cooks: A Day in the Life, May 2013
Featured on Project: Adobo, May 2013
Featured on Buzzfeed Food: Tequila Recipes, April 2013
Featured on Chicago Food Bloggers: Five Questions, April 2013
Featured on The Girl Creative: 15 Delicious Superbowl Appetizers, February 2013

Featured on You & Me This Morning Talk Show [WCIU], December 2012
Featured on Buzzfeed Food: 101 Bite Sized Party Foods, December 2012
Grand Prize Winner of Artizone Flavors of Fall Contest, December 2012
Best Appetizer Winner of Spice Up the Holidays: Captain Morgan Contest, December 2012
Featured in The Jerusalem Post, October 2012
Featured on Video - Best Food Facts: Center of Food Integrity, October 2012
Taste of Israel Participant/Attendee, September 2012
Featured on MommyPage, August 2012
Featured in Lake County News Sun/Chicago Sun Times, May 2012
Featured on Cooking Light: Bloggers Connection, May 2012
Featured on Buzzfeed: 20 Buffalo Chicken Recipes, February 2012

Featured on Illinois Farm Families, November 2011
Featured on Yupeat, October 2011
Featured on Watch Us Grow, October 2011
Fresh Catch Crew of Copper River Salmon Coho Tour, September 2011
Featured on Chicago's Swedish Covenant Hospital: Well Community, August 2011
Featured tv guest chef on The Jr. Cuisine Cooking Show, July 2011
Featured tv guest chef on live cooking stage at Kenmore Studios, June 2011
Featured on Bakit Why, April 2011
Featured in Pepperidge Farm, April 2011
Featured in Frito Lay Webisode Teaser, March 2011
Featured in Frito Lay Webisode: Part 1, March 2011
Featured in Frito Lay Webisode: Part 2 , March 2011

Recipe Contributor in The Cookie Party Cookbook, October 2010
Featured on Bakit Why, September 2010
Featured on The Nest, June 2010
First Place Winner of Marx Foods Game Sausage Blogger Recipe Challenge, June 2010
Guest Judge for Sara Lee's Sweet Ideas Recipe Contest, May 2010
Featured in Chicago Pinot 2.0, April 2010
Featured on Vocalo/Chicago Public Radio, March 2010

Featured in 4 page spread in The Nest Magazine, October 2009
Featured guest chef on live cooking stage at Eli's Cheesecake Festival, October 2009
Featured on Baking Bites, September 2009
Featured tv guest chef on live cooking segment of Chicago WGN Midday News, July 2009
First Place Winner of Chicago Red Eye's Virtual Kitchen Stadium, July 2009
Featured in Chicago Tribune, July 2009
Featured on Pittsburgh Post Gazette, April 2009
Featured on BlogHer: Bartering is Back, March 2009
Featured on The French Kitchen: Tour de Food Blogs, February 2009
Featured on The Back Burner - Key Ingredient, February 2009

Featured in Chicago Red Eye, October 2008
Featured in Gaper's Block Chicago, August 2008
Featured in Chicago Tribune, April 2008
Featured in Gaper's Block Chicago, January 2008
Featured in Gaper's Block Chicago, January 2008

Featured in Gaper's Block Chicago, August 2007
Featured in Gaper's Block Chicago, July 2007
Featured tv chef guest on CelebrEATy Chicago, July 2007
Featured in Gaper's Block Chicago, June 2007
Featured tv guest chef on Chicago Philippine Reports TV (CPRTV), June 2007

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