Hawaiian Kickoff Dinner

I recently started a dining out group with a few local couples, where we meet twice a month to try out interesting cuisines in the city. Tonight was our first event and dined at Aloha Grill, Chicago's only Hawaiian "plate lunch" destination.

Hawaiian food is influenced by several cultures: Japanese, Filipino and Korean, to name a few. A plate lunch is a classic Hawaiian meal composed of an entree or combination of entrees, served with rice and macaroni salad on the side. It is the de facto meal of choice in Hawaii, and best characterizes the blend of cuisine and culture found on the Islands.

Tonight I enjoyed a dinner of saimin (thin egg noodles) vegetable soup and a shrimp burger... It was a great marriage of soft and crunchy, hot and cold!

My husband enjoyed a distinctly Hawaiian plate lunch of Loco Moco, which is a uniquely seasoned hamburger patty, scrambled eggs, and brown gravy over a scoop of steamed rice and macaroni salad.
Soo ono, brah!
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