Italian Eats Tucked Away...

Who knew that great italian food can be found tucked away in the wilderness? Tonight for dinner, we went to Lanza's, a local southern italian restaurant in Kings Beach. From the classic red and white checked tablecloths, the piping hot & crusty italian bread, and huge portions, we were definitely in for a treat. It was a place that reminded me of stepping inside an italian grandmother's kitchen.

Southern Italian cuisine are traditionally known for using more mozzarella, cacciacavalo and pecorino cheeses, olive oil, lasagna and dried pastas. Southern Italian cuisine also uses tomatoes much more in their dishes.

Here's what we ordered:
Stuffed Lumaconi ~ Jumbo shells stuffed with beef, parmesan cheese, spinach, eggs and a special blend of spices which is then baked with mozzarella cheese.
Chicken Parmesan ~ Boneless, skinless chicken breast that was breaded and topped with mozzarella cheese, which was baked with a homemade marinara sauce and served with a side of pasta.
We definitely recommend this wonderful family restaurant if you're ever in the Kings Beach neighborhood!


  1. That looks really yummy! Of course I have a weakness for any pasta dishes.

  2. J~ You snow bunny You!

    I'm so glad you had a great time, and yet again, the food looks fabulous!