Mediterranean Magic, My Love...

It's a blusterous day here in Chicago ~ so bad that my office closed early! When I got home from work, my husband surprised me with Pre-Valentine's Day dinner plans. We're die hard Chicagoans and this weather didn't stop us from battling the wind and snow to get our destination... the Mediterranean.

Sinbad's Grill specializes in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine which includes foods from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Morocco (which is really categorized as North African.)

This type of cuisine is prepared in a really mild, fresh and healthy way. Interestingly enough, this is where wheat and barley was originally cultivated, along with chickpeas and fava beans. As for meats, goat and lamb are staples. Some of these countries also use tahini (a thick sesame seed paste) and yogurt.

Common preparation techniques include baking and slow cooking in ovens, as well as slow cooking in liquid. The flavors include fresh parsley, dill, mint and especially cinnamon. Two flavor principles are common: the combination of tomato sauce and cinnamon (usually with lemon and dill), and a mix of lemon and parsley (enhanced with garlic and mint).

Tonight we started off with a common appetizer of fresh, warm pita bread and marinated black olives.
My husband also ordered a lentil soup, which was smooth and creamy.
For our entrees, my husband ordered a combination of a lamb kabob and chicken shawarma. The lamb kabob is a skewer of charbroiled seasoned ground lamb mixed with onions, parsley, herbs and spices. The chicken shawarma is thin slices of seasoned and marinated chicken breast that's been grilled. Both of these were served on top of a bed of basmati rice, grilled vegetables and tahini sauce.

I ordered the couscous plate, which included tender lamb coated with Moroccan spices. It was simmered in a tomato sauce and cooked with zucchini, carrots and chickpeas. This lamb stew was served over a bed of couscous.

Everything was delicious - the place was romantic because it had it all to ourselves and it ended sweetly with walnut baklava that we took home.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and
here's wishing you the gift of love to share!


  1. yummy, I love Sinbads. And I especially love lamb and shawarma.

  2. J~ That looks sooo good! Miss ya girl!