Ski & Snow Bunnies...

Today we suited up and hit the slopes! This post doesn't have any culinary notes, but I did want to share the experience since it was our first time.
We went to Mt. Rose ~ which is Lake Tahoe's highest base (elevation 8,260 ft) with gorgeous panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and Nevada. Here's a peek of Nevada from the ski resort:

Here we are in front of one of the slopes:

My husband Louis took a snowboarding lesson for the first time... and it was a lot harder than it looks:

And he thought he did well (but deep down I know he was in pain!):

While I took a ski lesson for the first time. I initially didn't want to but figured I should take the opportunity! It was quite challenging getting used to the skis but I still managed to have fun:

It was a great time and quite an experience. I highly recommend folks to try skiing or at least taking a lesson!

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  1. You two look so cute. Looks and sounds like you had a great time. I would love to try to ski sometime. :)