Spanish Tapas, Ole!

My, its been a food filled day! I just got back from a tapas dinner from Cafe Iberico, a Spanish Tapas restuarant.

Tapas is the name for a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine. These appetizers can be either served cold, hot or you can even order various versions of paella for a fuller meal. Tonight we decided to order quite a few to round out our dinner. I was so caught up in great conversation that I forgot to take pictures of the first few tapas that came around... but I got a couple (of the main ones!)

Here is what we ordered:

Ensalada Rusa ~ Spanish style potato salad with carrots, tuna and peas.
Patatas bravas ~Fried potato dices (sometimes part-boiled and then fried, or simply boiled) served with salsa brava, a spicy tomato sauce. Alioli is often served with it too.
Queso de Cabra ~ Baked goat cheese with fresh tomato basil sauce.

Gambas al Ajillo ~ Grilled shrimp with olive oil, garlic and wine.

Salmon a la Pimienta ~ Fresh grilled salmon with green peppercorn sauce.

Pincho de Pollo ~ Chicken brochette with caramelized onions and rice.

It was a really great time hanging out with some of my gals pals and if you haven't had any tapas, I encourage you to try it! We loved it and I'm sure you will too. :)

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