New Products Review

Here are some items I came across during my day at the International Home & Housewares Convention. These caught my eye and thought I'd share...
Ecco la Pasta ~ This company makes pasta and pizza dough mixes, where the only thing to add is water. I haven't come across too many decent dough mixes and decided to give this a try. It was actually very good and I like the convenience factor of them.
Perfect Pod Maker ~ For those that have a Senseo or other single serve coffee systems that utilize coffee pods, here is a gadget that will save you money from purchasing coffee pods from the store. You can make your own coffee pod maker for much less!
Savannah Cinnamon ~ This was a great company that featured some delicious cookie bites, unique flavor syrups and candies. What caught my eye was some of the unique flavor syrups they have such as Chai, Butterscotch, Orange Spice and Praline.
Seasoned Skewers ~ These are an all natural, fat free, fast and easy way to infuse food with amazing flavor. Just skewer food on, letting it sit for 10-15 minutes and put it on the gril, oven or hot skillet for the flavor to seep to the food from the inside out.
Flathau's Fine Foods ~ This company manufactures award winning shortbread cookies covered in powdered sugar packed in retro designed paint cans and cartons. The cookies, called Snaps, are the fusion of cookies and candy which are very good!
Fran's Chocolates ~ A new twist to chocolate is to add salt! Fran chose a gray sea salt, harvested off the coast of Brittany, to round out the butter notes and contrast the sweetness of the caramel. These chocolates are dipped in 56% dark chocolate, the caramels are finished with a sprinkling of gray sea salt. After tasting, the salty sweet flavor hits you in an interesting and pleasing way.
Glad Corn ~ The Glad Corn brand A-Maizing Corn Snack camce from a farmer's experiment that "exploded." It's probably best described as a popcorn & corn nut hybrid, packing in lots of natural corn flavor.
High Cotton Baking Company ~ This company makes a very good line of liqeur cakes, cookies, spicy cheese thins and bourbon balls. The cakes are premade and are amazingly moist and delicious.
Java Bites ~ These cookies have an amazing coffee flavor. Some cookie flavors they have in their line include Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Chip Espresso, Almond Mocha & Cinnamon Cappuccino. The blend coarsely ground espresso beans into a specially formulated wet cookie dough. Then the cookies are slowly baked, allow the espresso to thoroughly brew into each cookie.
The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg ~ This company is the exclusive distributor of The Paula Deen Collection. Paula introduces more than 20 products including custom spices, sauces, seasonings, salad dressings and marinades. The company itself has a high reputation for selling top quality nuts. An interesting product I tried was a wasabi covered peanut. It had a great punch and flavor to it.
Salem Baking Company ~ This company specializes in Moravian Cookies. These cookies are wafer thin and come in 9 distinctive flavors such as Spice, Lemon, Key Lime, Tangerine Orange, Cranberry Orange, Vanilla Walnut and Pumpkin Spice
Schokinag Chocolate ~ They have produced some of the world's finest chocolate for more than 80 years. Most recently, their decadent European Drinking Chocolate has taken hot chocolate to a whole new level. It is a smooth, rice chocolate drink mix that is surprisingly good. The European Drinking Chocolate flavors include Triple Chocolate, Extreme Dark, Chocolate Mint, Moroccan Spice, Dulce de Leche, German Chocolate Cake, Chipotle Mocha and Strawberries & White Chocolate.

Dean Jacobs ~ This company features several high quality dessert mixes, including créme brûlée, Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes, Cake 'N Cup kits, mousses, and cheesecakes. They also have other products but the cakes were my favorite.


  1. Wow, sounds like some great new products. Can any of these products be ordered online?

  2. lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this