Today, a local Chicago food community hosted an outing focused on Indian & Pakistani food & culture. We did a small walking tour of our own along Devon Avenue, hence the term "Devon-A-Thon!"

Here in Chicago, Devon Avenue is synonymous with the South Asian community. Devon Avenue is a street that is rich in culture and caters to people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Croatia, and many others. Sections of Devon Avenue have been given secondary names in honor of the people that inhabit the respective areas. Devon Avenue also goes by the names of Gandhi Marg, Mohammed Ali Jinnah Way, and Golda Meier Blvd. Here are some places that we visited along with a few pictures of interesting (and delicious!) food finds:
Patel Brothers Grocery Store
2542 W. Devon
Patel Brothers is a well known grocery store on Devon. It has amazing stock of spices, unique flavored ice creams, many frozen indian & pakistani foods as well as quite a few ethnic ingredients I'm anxious to learn more about. I plan on visiting there soon after more research on the cuisine, ingredients and culture, and perhaps trying my hand at more authentic recipes.
Sabri Nihari Restaurant
2511 W. Devon
Sabri Nihari is a wonderful Pakistani restaurant. The food was so good, I'm thrilled that I live near by to stop in more often. Here are some of the things we ordered with some unpictured - it was too good I forgot to pull out the camera!:

Vegetable Samosas
Handmade flaky golden pastry, stuffed with potatoes &
special mixed vegetables which were deep fried.
Onion Kulcha
A variation of a naan bread that has minced onion & spices.

Chicken Charga
An outstanding dishes of Punjab, Pakistan
deep fried whole chicken marinated with secret spices.
Frontier Chicken
Boneless pieces of tender chicken cooked on low flame grill
with tomato, onion, green pepper, ginger, garlic, cilantro & organic herbs.

Vegetable Pakora
Lightly battered vegetables, fried to a golden finish.

Sabri Nihari

Tender beef which has been cooked with a flavorful & rich gravy

Kahari Gosht
Tender goat that is cooked with ginger, garlic,
tomato and chili powder in a traditional pot.

King Sweets
2308 W. Devon
For dessert, we hit up King Sweets, which is a very interesting sweet shop filled with various Pakistani sweets. I wasn't familiar with many of their offerings but the folks there were kind enough to allow me to sample quite a few to determine which I liked. They were all good but here's the sweet stuff I got to enjoy to myself along with pictures of all their goodies!
Carrot Halwa
... tastes like a dense carrot cake

... made from deep-fried, syrup-soaked batter & shaped into a large,
chaotic pretzel shape. It can be served dripping warm or cold.
It has a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary crunch.
Galub Jamun
...a popular Indian/ Pakistani sweet dish comprised of fried dough
(made of condensed milk solid and very little flour)
in a sugar syrup flavoured with cardamom seeds and rosewater or saffron.
I got one that was filled with an almond paste... yum!
...a concoction of cheese curds, pistachios, sugar, butter, and cardamom
Ajamari Kalakand
...made of nuts, pure Ghee and milk

While on our leisurely walk, there happened to be a Hari Krishna parade! I love how Chicago is so culturally rich and this definitely added some color and fun to our walking tour!
After the parade, we hit up a Cuban grocer & restaurant. Shortly after I headed home since it was within walking distance. I'll save the Cuban grocer/restaurant for another time dedicated to cuban cuisine.


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome pictures! I never knew Pillsbury made parathas. How funny. Great blog!

  2. I love Devon Avenue. I, unfortunately, never have been to King Sweets, though. It's always closed when I go! :D