Our Civil Right to Citizen Cake!

As we wind down for the evening, our sweet tooths start calling out for some desserts. Well, sources tell me the best desserts can be found at Citizen Cake.
Elizabeth Falkner is the executive pastry chef and owner of Citizen Cake in San Francisco. In 1997, Falkner opened Citizen Cake at its first location in the South Market district of San Francisco. Citizen Cake, and Falkner in particular, are known for their original and creative cake designs. Falkner appeared as a guest judge on Top Chef, a reality show on the Bravo network. She has also appeared on Iron Chef America, Tyler's Ultimate, $40 a Day, Sugar Rush, Best Of, and more.
With such accolades, we couldn't resist trying her creations for ourselves. With that, we submit ourselves to two patisseries:
Mocha Misu Their play on Tiramisu. Layers of cocoa genoise punched with an espresso-rum syrup, another layer of mocha mousse and a final layer of whipped crème fraîche with just a hint of marsala wine. This cake can be finished with ganache or coffee infused buttercream.
Love Letter A gorgeous combination of Grand Marnier infused pâté genoise, black pepper-crème fraîche Bavarian mousse and fresh strawberries of raspberries covered in rose buttercream

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