Tadich Grill ~ An SF Tradition!

For dinner in San Francisco, we really wanted to go somewhere special to San Francisco and took advantage of the abundance of fresh seafood. Where else is there to go but Tadich Grill? It happens to be San Francisco's oldest restaurant.
For 154 years, Tadich Grill has been a San Francisco tradition. Founded as a coffee stand during the California Gold Rush of1849, it is the oldest restaurant in continuous operation in the state of California, and the third oldest in the United States. We dined on 2 of their house specials:
Cioppino with garlic bread,
a seafood stew that's chock full of
clams, prawns, scallops, bay shrimp, crabmeat & white fish;
and Dungeness Crab & Prawn a la Monza,
a blend of crab & prawn in a rich seafood sauce
baked in a casserole dish over rice.

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