Wild for Wilton!

Today was a kitchen toy shopping spree! I coordinated a field trip for my Chicago cooking/baking group out to Woodridge, IL, where Wilton Industries is headquartered. It is there where we spent about 2 hours filling our shopping baskets and grocery carts with amazing kitchen finds at Wilton's Annual Tent Sale.
Wilton Industries, based in Woodridge, Illinois, has successfully united three distinctive consumer products companies whose strategic focus is product innovation and quality. The three divisions are Wilton Enterprises, Copco, and The Weston Gallery.

Each Wilton Industries division is a recognized leader in its market. Wilton Enterprises has been the number one preferred brand name in baking and cake decorating products for over 50 years. Copco is the premier designer and marketer of tea kettles and quality kitchenware. The Weston Gallery has become a leader in upscale picture frame design and marketing.

And for all the Food Network fans, Mario Batali also has his products under the Wilton brand too! Here are the goodies I managed to leave with after wandering the aisles for 2hours...
After the shopping event, we headed to Hyde Park for lunch at Medici, a local pizza place, and a stroll through the neighborhood's summer art fair.


  1. Wow, you scored! That's my kind of shopping.
    Enjoy your new goodies.

  2. I have serious bakery supply envy right now....... ;)

  3. WOW, looks like you had a lot of luck at the tent sale and ended up with lots of goodies!

  4. That was SO much fun!! I hope we can get together sometime soon! Oh, and I took your suggestion and made an angel food cake. Thanks, hun!