Pinoy Peyesta!

Through another Chicago foodie community I'm active with,, had a Filipino Dinner event provided by a fellow member. Being Filipino myself, I wanted to attended... nothing beats home cooked Filipino food!

Sharon & Dan, the hosts of the event, prepared a bountiful feast that included the following Filipino dishes:
salty vegetable dish of bittermelon, calabasa squash,
tomatoes, garlic, onions, eggplant, green beans,
okra, pork and shrimp paste (alamang)
pork blood stew of pork, frozen pork blood and jalepeno peppers
Mango & Tomato "Salsa"
with shrimp paste (alamang) & onions
fried pork rinds with a
sawsawan of vinegar, chopped garlic and black pepper
Filipino eggroll filled with shrimp, ground pork,
water chestnuts, green beans, bean sprouts, and carrots

Lechon Kawali
deep fried pork belly with a liver sauce
Shrimp Chips
shrimp flavors wheat flour chips
Kare Kare
peanut butter based stew with oxtails, long beans, eggplants, tripe
Chicken Adobo
~ which I made and brought to the party ~
(this was not pictured because it was eaten up before I had a chance to take a pic!)

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  1. Man, I'm really missing out by never trying Filipino food. I've had lumpia but that's about it. I'll have to bug some of my Filipino friends to hook me up! :)