Dinner with those dear to my heart...

Tonight for dinner, two of my closest, dearest friends came over for dinner. Our schedules often keep us apart so we take advantage of any opportunity for us to get together when we are all free. Tonight was one of those rare opportunities and so we indulged in the homemade pizzas I created earlier. Here are pics of our dinner table just before we sat down to eat...
swiss, gouda, guyere, colby monterey jack cheeses,
proscuitto, scallions, black olives, grape tomatoes
on a whole wheat crust
Green grapes to cleanse the palatetarragon thyme cream, chopped spinach, mushrooms
chicken sausage, grape tomatoes, black olives
over a croissant crust
Toasted turkey, spinach, cheese sandwiches
chicken breast, spinach, garlic, grape tomatoes, asiago cheese,
alfredo sauce over a plain crust
caramel,pecans chocolate chips, bananas
over a (well done) sugar cookie dough
cream cheese frosting, fresh strawberries, kiwi, bananas
& white chocolate chips over a croissant crust

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  1. Wow! That is an amazing spread! I love the combination of flavors.