Savory Start to the Morning

It's another morning at home and my sister in law is fast asleep. To surprise her with a nice breakfast, I decided to be a little creative and made a savory french toast for us.Taking the Rosemary Garlic & Sundried Tomato bread I made yesterday, I dipped it in scrambled egg and pan fried it to a golden brown.To accompany my savory french toast, I made a bacon omelette, topped with freshly grated fontina cheese, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkling of fresh basil and italian parsley.


  1. this looks fantastic! I definitely want to try that bread.

  2. Joelen - This dish is *pure* genius! This one is going at the top of the list of things to make when the kitchen is done.

  3. I'm not big into breakfast foods, but i would devour this!