Bodacious Breads & Babes

With the cooler weather coming in, what a great time to kick off fall with some bread making! This afternoon I hosted yet another event for my cooking group. The class was focused on quick breads using carbonated beverages and beer. It was a great turnout and everyone made both a savory and sweet loaf of bread to take home.... with a new stoneware loaf pan! Here are some pics of the events...

The set up:

Baking away:

Lunch break while the savory breads are in the oven:
Savory Breads
fresh out of the oven:

Back to baking... this time sweet breads!
Girl talk while the sweet breads bake:

Our sweet breads out of the oven...

Gisela's Cranberry Orange Bread
Arlene's Cranberry Apricot Orange & Walnut Bread

Carrie's Double Apple Bread
Micky's Chunky Apple Bread
Yael's Cinnamon Bun Bread
Michele's Cinnamon Bun Streusel Bread

Sarah's Banana Cranberry Apricot Bread

Eva's Banana Nut Bread


  1. Now this looks like something that I would have so much fun with!! Everything looks wonderful and I love the stone loaf pans, I have 2 myself. :)

  2. Your culinary blog is fantastic. I'm really interested in how you organized the bread/babes get-together! I'm active in a women's social group and we're always looking for new and unique ideas for activities and events.

  3. thank you joellen for the fab quick bread recipes. i wrote about my adventure with your garlic, olive cheese bread.