Gimme Some Dim Sum

Alas, the last day of our What's Cooking National Get Together Weekend was spent with an ethnic brunch of Chinese dim sum. Located in Chicago's Chinatown, the Phoenix restuarant has been our favorite dim sum place for visiting guests.

We met up with another cooking forum member, Angela (Valeivegas) and her husband, Eduardo, who drove down from Milwaukee, WI to join us!

(L-R) Eduardo, Angela, Elly, Shanna, Joelen, Louis, Lee, Jen

We enjoyed so many dishes such as BBQ pork bun, pork shumai, shrimp eggrolls, sticky fried rice, wonton soup, etc. Sadly, we were too hungry and chatty to take pictures of our Chinese eats. However here are some pics after brunch.

After brunch we went our separate ways and concluded our What's Cooking National Get Together Weekend in Chicago. Maybe we can do it all again next year in another city... but I'm so fortunate that I had the opportunity to host the first one and to meet so many members for the first time!

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