Chocolate Indulgence.... Again!

A little belated candy fix wont hurt shortly after Halloween, right? The first chocolate tour was a success and as a result I hosted a second tour of more chocolatiers located along North Michigan Ave (300-500 block), three of which are different from the first tour.

We started our tour with lunch at the Frango Cafe
located on the 7th floor of the Macy's on State Street.

Afterward, we took a peek at Macy's chocolate counters.
Here, I purchased a couple truffles from the Godiva counter:
Grand Marnier and Champagne truffles.
Next up, we headed to Moonstruck,
where I picked up a cute Halloween chocolate pop, for 50% off!

Fanny May was just across the street
so we stopped in for a sample or two.
Just across the bridge was our next stop,
Ethel's chocolate Lounge. Here, I snagged up interesting truffle samples including flavors like:

Ginger CitrusPina Colada
and Earl Gray Tea
Lastly, we found our way at Vosges.
Here we sampled their Bacon Exotic chocolate bar, Red Fire Exotic chocolate bar, and their Oaxaca Exotic chocolate bar. They had some interesting flavor combos and I picked up a few mini bars myself including:

Barcelona: Hickory smoked almonds + fleur de sel gray sea salt + deep milk chocolate

Black Pearl: ginger + wasabi + black sesame seeds + dark chocolate

Naga: sweet Indian curry powder + coconut flakes + deep milk chocolate

Red Fire: Mexican ancho and chipotle chili peppers + Ceylon cinnamon + dark chocolate

Here is the list of places we visited on our tour:

Frango/Chocolatiers at Macy's
111 N. State Street (Lower Level)

320 N. Michigan

Fanny May
343 N. Michigan

Ethel's Chocolate Lounge
520 N. Michigan

520 N. Michigan

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  1. How did I miss these when we were in Chicago? YUMMY!!!! Will be putting that on the list for the next time we visit.