So many delicious blessings!

So finally the big day has arrived and it's Thanksgiving! I was up the night before preparing and baking a few things in advance from 9pm - minight. Today, I got busy in the kitchen starting at 8am and finished everything but the turkey by 2:30pm when our guests started to arrive. Since our turkey only needed to be warmed for a couple hours, it went into the oven at 2pm and out by 4pm. It was perfect timing - as our turkey rested from the oven, I popped in a few dishes to warm up and made the gravy. By 4:30pm, we had our dinner just as planned!

The best part was being able to mingle with friends and family throughout the night and not being stuck in the kitchen. It seriously was the most enjoyable Thanksgiving to be able to catch up with everyone!

My Cranberry Floral Centerpiece
Here are pics of our Thankgiving food fest. We started serving up appetizers at 2:30pm, with dinner served at 4:30pm...
Appetizer Station:Crab Rangoon CupsStuffed MushroomsCaprese Salad SkewersCilantro MeatballsTeriyaki WingsBuffalo WingsShrimp Cocktail PlatterSpinach Alfredo & Gruyere Artichoke Dip
with Garlic CrostiniFruit, Cheese & Sausage Platter
with assorted crackersCranberry Citrus Punch
Thanksgiving 2007 Dinner
Rosemary & Herb Turkey
Cheesy Broccoli & Cauliflower Rice Casserole
Roasted Garlic Mashed PotatoesSausage & Apple DressingGreen Bean CasseroleSweet Corn CasseroleSweet Potato CasseroleHawaiian Dinner RollsHarvest Salad with Raspberry VinaigretteChorizo, Ham & Chicken PaellaChinese BBQ Pork RibsShrimp Pad ThaiVietnamese Shrimp RollsFilipino Chicken AdoboJapanese Miso Soup

Dessert Table:Mini Pecan Pie TartsPumpkin Praline Cheesecake (gift)Homemade Apple PieCranberry Apple CrispPumpkin Cheesecake TrufflesAfter dinner karaoke!


  1. wow, what a spread! that was so kind of you to open up your home to so many people :)

  2. Wow girl, I'm impressed! The spread looked great! I hope you invite me over if I'm ever up in chi town!

  3. Joelen, you are amazing!!! I don't think I have ever seen such an extensive menu for a Thanksgiving day meallike that ever!! It was truly a feast! You had to be beat tired the next day, or are you just a ball of energy??

  4. Wow!! What a spread. Everything looks amazing. :)

  5. Holy Cow! I am very impressed! How many people did you have for dinner? Looks like servings for 100? I am now ashamed of my contributions to Thanksgiving dinner.

  6. Wow, what a spread. Can I say that I just love all the PC cranberry pieces and that everything matches. :) Everything looks wonderful.