World of Waffles

After a holiday hiatus from my kitchen, I started the day strong with some prepwork for an upcoming cooking event. Once I got into my "zone," I decided to play with a new kitchen toy my husband got me - a waffle iron!

I had a lot of fun making a few different varieties, which will all be frozen for quick breakfasts in the coming weeks. They were extremely easy to make and the batter is very verasatile to use as waffles or pancakes.
Here's the basic recipe for a baking mix I used. To make waffles using this baking mix, I used the following:

2 cups baking mix
1 egg
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 1/2 cup french vanilla creamer (which I found made the batter richer and moist.)

When I made my waffles, I used various add ins to use up what I had on hand and to add additional flavor. Here are the variations I made:

Strawberry - sliced strawberries placed on the waffle iron over batter
Banana - mashed 1 ripe banana into 1 1/2 cups of batter
Cranberry orange - mix 3/4 cup cranberry orange relish into 2 cups batter
Apple - mix 3/4 cup homemade apple butter into 2 cups batter

By the time I was done prepping and playing with my waffle iron, it was time for lunch. We hadn't eaten breakfast so with stacks of waffles staring at me, I whipped up a quick brunch. I'm a big fan of turkey and havarti... so I made an turkey & havarti omelet with a side of freshly made waffles.


  1. Joelen, these look beee-u-tiful!!

  2. OK girl you outdo me on waffles to no end!

    LOVE the new page layout - so you!

  3. everything looks wonderful. question. did you use powdered or liquid french vanilla creamer? that sounds like an AWESOME idea!

  4. You are amazing!

    I check your blog regularly for new inspiration and I just have to tell you that you inspire me!

    I love getting new ideas from you and your culinary adventures!

    [email protected]