Get my boots... it's snowing!

Today I met up with my cooking group members to get a taste of Germany! Chicago hosts an annual German event called the Christkindl Market.

Visitors from all over the world come to the Christkindlmarket Chicago annually and the numbers continue to grow every year. It is so popular and loved by all that any Chicagoan will tell you that they could not imagine the city without it. It is no longer just a German tradition - it has become a Chicago institution.The unique shopping experience, the typical German food and drinks, the diverse holiday entertainment, and a place to enjoy the city during the winter season, makes this a preferred and popular destination.

I forgot to bring my camera today but I did bring back a cute souvenir. These little boots held my hot apple cider & Gluhwein (traditional hot spiced wine) which we all drank to keep warm from the cold and snow!Some foods that our group tried included apple pancakes & potato pancakes. Everything looked delicious however the cold must have gotten to me (and everyone else!) It was a chilly 20+ degrees with the windchill and once it started snowing, quite a few people cleared out. Hopefully next year when I make my next visit, it won't be so cold!

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