Holiday Cookie Swap 2007

Finally... a few minutes have been spared to update my blog! I'm still waiting recipes for some of the cookies that were brought to the swap, but here are the pics I do have!It was a great event with 22 different cookies shared. Each was unique and had a special story on why it was made especially for the swap. Here they are...

Chocolate Covered Cherry Delights-- CHRISTINE

Cherry Almond Cookies -- CATHY

Oatmeal Chocolate -- DONNA
Cherry Snowballs -- WENDY

Peppermint Cookies -- YUMI

Spiced Almond Cookies -- LISA G

New Orleans Oatmeal Cookies -- SUSAN

Peanut butter blossoms-- ELSA

Cranberry White Chocolate Chip -- MICHELE

Honey Cookies -- CATIE

Rugelach -- KATE

Mudslide Cookies -- YAEL

Old Fashioned Butter Cookie -- MIRACLE
Ginger Snaps -- JUSTIN

Snickerdoodles -- MARGARET

Chocolate Candy Canes -- MARIA ALLEN
Pecan Tassies -- JOELEN

Cherry Pistachio Sugar Cookies -- MARYMAC

Ginger Cornbread Shortbread -- JEN/WAYNE
Jan Hagen -- CHRISTINA


  1. It's times like this I wish I lived in Chicago :(

  2. Everything looks so yummy! kudos to you and your cooking group!

  3. Yeah, um, I'm gonna need that Cherry-Almond cookie recipe!

  4. I love to bake yet never been to a cookie swap! This looks sooo fantastic! I definitely want that Cherry-Almond cookie recipe. :-)

  5. Hoping that you will share the recipes for these cookies (or add the links to this post). I am most especially interested in the Honey Cookies and the Cherry Almond Cookies.