Stock the Freezer!

Winter has set in and after the holiday chaos, I don't want to put in too much effort cooking in the kitchen. To help make things easier during these cold months, I'm stocking my freezer with meals Ive prepared in advance. Spending a whole day cooking preparing several meals is also referred to OAMC/OAWC (once a month/week cooking).

Today I hosted an event dedicated to OAMC/OAWC. I had about 23 attendees come join me in the kitchen where we:
- prepped several meals to store
- learned grocery shopping tricks to stretch your money
- learned how to properly store foods in your freezer
- learned how to thaw and cook these prepped meals safely
- And everyone took home 5 prepped meals (serves 2) to enjoy!

A great freezer cooking resource I found extremely helpful can be viewed here.

Here are pics of the meals we prepped:

Firecracker Salmon

Garlic & Herb Cheese Stuffed ChickenHoney Mustard Pork ChopsThai Beef StirfryFour Cheese Vegetable Lasagna

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  1. What a great event. Sounds like everyone got to leave with some awesome meals.