Deep Chocolate Tasting

Tonight was full of chocolate - learning, smelling, tasting, etc. We started off the evening with a short chocolate primer I gave, explaining how the chocolate evolves from cacao pod to an actual chocolate bar. We then broke out into smaller groups for everyone to do a tasting of 6 different chocolates. Everyone got to score each chocolate they tasted by appearance, aroma, taste and finish. It was a successful event where everyone left learning something new!Here are pics of the event:

To whet everyone's appetite for chocolate, I had a few appertifs including butter crackers, crackers with sea salt, cheese platter (blue, goat & fontina), table grapes, fresh strawberries, clementines and mini bagels topped with monterey jack & cheddar cheese,diced turkey & diced ham. There was also a lot of wine going around!


  1. I would so be that girl in the corner eating all the cheese and ignoring the chocolate

  2. Guess what? You make my day! Thanks for always being such a sweetie, Joelen!