Sunday, March 23, 2008

Springtime Cakes!

It's officially spring so what better time to decorate a cake with pretty colors?! Today I taught two cake decorating classes for members of my group, What's Cookin Chicago.

In this class, everyone was provided with their own 6 inch 2-layer cake to decorate as they wished with a decorator bottle set, perfect for those new to cake decorating. I talked about the 3 different frosting consistencies, how to crumb coat a cake and shared a few basic piping techniques. It was a great day full of creativity and as a result of the success of the classes, I will be teaching future classes specific to piping techniques! Here are some pictures of the event and my students working on their beautiful spring cakes:

Here are pictures of the finished cakes from the first class:

Here are pics from the second class:
Here are the finished cakes from the second class: