Crepe Cravings

It's a sunny Sunday morning and to start the day, I hosted a crepe class this morning... and I also ended my day with a crepe class in the evening. I love the versatility of crepes so I shared my fondness of them with my group. Everyone had a chance to make their own crepe batter to take home, flip & cook their own crepes and of course, filled as many crepes as they wanted with an assortment of sweet & savory fillings.

The crepe batter I used for my classes was from Alton Brown and can be found here. His batter recipe was especially good because it truly held up to flipping, had a great soft texture and very easy to make. This was the batter recipe everyone made themselves to take home. However for the crepes folks flipped and cooked at the stove, they had their choice of a sweet & savory crepe batter. These batters used the same Alton Brown recipe as the base... but for the sweet version, I added vanilla and sugar; for the savory version, I added salt and chopped fresh basil and parsley. These two variations can be found at the same link provided above.

Because I had a large group, I wanted to have folks involved at all times. To help direct their energy and attention, I created 3 "stations" in which they can be interactive. One station was dedicated to preparing the batter, which they took home to cook up themselves. Another station was dedicated to the filling buffet. I divided my dining table into a sweet and savory side, filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, jams/jellys/spreads, nuts, misc add ins and dessert sauces. My last station was in the kitchen at the stovetop. Here folks were able to master the art of cooking crepes without having them tear or break (thanks to the great Alton Brown recipe!). Here are pictures of both my morning and evening events:
Sweet Filling Buffet Side:
Savory Filling Buffet Side:
Crepe Batter Workstation:

Crepe Cooking Station:


  1. Hey girl! Crepe making was so fun, and now I can't wait to try them at home. My husband will be so impressed :) Hope you have a great week!

  2. You seriously can't go wrong with an AB recipe to start out with!

  3. I love the idea of a crepe party! Sounds like fun.

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  5. How fun! I've always wondered what it would be like to take a cooking class to hone my skills.

    The crepes look great, too. Nice job on the pictures.

  6. i really wish i lived in chicago so i could attend these events!!! :)