Tasty Tools: Blender Challenge!

May is one of my favorite months of the year and to do it right, we're ready for another fun Tasty Tools event for this month! Read on about the Tasty Tool Challenge for May...

Tasty Tools is a monthly food blogging event I host, allowing an opportunity to use various kitchen tools to create a myriad of sweet and savory dishes. For this event, a specific kitchen tool will be chosen each month, which will be used in creating your recipe. I’m not one for “uni-taskers,” so I’ll be choosing kitchen tools that are versatile enough to use in both cooking and baking. You may already have these tools home or they may be something you were thinking of purchasing. As a result of the event, we’ll have a collection of recipes that I hope will inspire you to use these tools more often.
For the month of May, Tasty Tools is focusing on the mighty blender! This is in honor of my recent birthday gift from my husband, a Vita-Mix. Now sure, blenders are great for smoothies & fun slushie cocktails... however blenders have quite a bit of versatility to them aside from popular uses. Have you considered salad dressings? various dips & spreads? soups? batters? sauces? fondues? pureed baby foods? ice creams & sorbets?
What will you make to show off your blending abilities?! To participate here are the event rules:

1) Make a recipe using the featured “Tasty Tool” of the month - May: the Mighty Blender - and create a blog post about it from now until the midnight deadline on Friday, May 30th, 2008. If you have any tips about using the tool, please share that too.

2) Add a link back to this event’s URL

3) Submit your entry by emailing the following information to [email protected]:
- “Tasty Tools” in subject line
- Your name
- Your state, country location
- Your food blog name & link to your event entry
- Name & picture of your entry with your “tasty tool” used

You can participate even if you don’t have a blog. Non-bloggers can email the above information (sans blog details) and I’ll include it in the round up.

I’ll be posting a round-up of the entries on Monday, June 2nd, 2008 to recognize and highlight all the creative recipes using the Tasty Tool of the month. Until then, I look forward to the entries and some tool tips!


  1. I'm sensing a lot of yummy drinks for this challenge...

  2. My old blender died so we paid our respects and tossed it. I finally got a new blender two weeks ago so I am super excited about this challenge!

  3. This is a very different concept....loved it,will try to send in my entry...hey can I send a recipe which I have already posted in my blog earlier...

  4. i love to own a vitamix...hoping my husband will not be overwhelmed by the price..