A French Surprise Package!

As I'm working here at home, the doorbell rings and a surprise comes for me! Leave it to my friend Stephanie to send me some fabulous foodstuff... she's a special person and great friend who I've grown close with the past year. It's just too bad that she lives several hours drive away, however the monthly special packages we send makes us feel closer to each other.

Her surprise package for me was a fabulously French basket of goodies. Aside from the beautiful wicker basket packaging, inside were some wonderful food items including Shallots Confit, French Mustard, Fig & Walnuts Confit, Olive Tapenade, Sesame Crackers, Spreader, cute Rooster themed tea towel and a French red wine (Le Vieille Ferme). This was absolutely a gorgeous surprise and a big thank you and hug to Stephanie!

I'm looking forward to enjoying this on the grassy lawn of Millenium Park while listening to the Grant Park Symphony practice/play....


  1. Just so you know, it's the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra that rehearses/plays at Millennium Park, not the Chicago Symphony. The CSO is up at Ravinia all summer.

  2. boo, i miss living in chicago. i want to be in millennium park with a french goodie basket, too.