Flavorful Sliders and Tasty Fries

Tonight for dinner, I had planned on making a cinnamon chipotle chicken taco salad. But after my recent burger event, I had quite a few buns leftover that I wanted to use. So we ended up having cinnamon chipotle chicken sliders with truffle fries.
As for recipes, I really owe it to the 2 food products that made the meal. McCormick brand recently made a few new rubs and spices, one of which I tried out today. Their Cinnamon Chipotle Rub sounds interesting to begin with but the flavor is amazing. To prepare my chicken, I sprinkled some of the rub on 2 boneless chicken breasts with a touch of extra virgin olive oil. I marinated the chicken overnight so that the flavors would really shine through. I then grilled the chicken, cut in half and served them on dinner rolls (think sliders). Topped with a slice of colby jack and some lettuce, dinner was set. The chicken was so flavorful I didn't need any additional toppings. You can purchase McCormick's Cinnamon Chipotle rub at local supermarkets nationwide.

To accompany my sliders, I quickly deep fried some crinkle fries and used a special White Truffle Salt to season. A little goes a long way with this salt and wow... the flavor is amazing. This salt was the only reason I purchased frozen french fries (which I rarely buy - and I'm too lazy these days to make fries from scratch). You can purchase this White Truffle Salt through my favorite spice place, The Spice House.


  1. Omg, the sliders sound to die for. I'll have to check out that spice!

  2. Ally can have the sliders, I want the fries!