Yep. You read right. I got crabs today... and my husband loved it. But first, let me provide some background...

We hit up the asian market today out in the suburbs and wow, what a difference in prices. Normally we shop in the neighboring suburbs since the prices are more afforable than in the city where we live. However this time, we went further out to get some new scenery. I'm so glad we did. Some of our awesome buys include:

- strawberries for $.99/lb
- blackberries for $.99/pkg
- blueberries for $1.79/lrg pkg
- peaches for $.69/lb
- plums for $.99/lb
- broccoli crowns for $.49/lb
- yellow onions for $.39/lb
- red onions for $.49/lb
- green onions @ 4 bunches/$1.00
- vine tomatoes @ $.79/lb
- shallots @ $.79/lb
- seedless cucumber @ $.79 each
- seafood mix for $1.99/lb
- vegetable dumplings for $2.99 @ buy one get one free
- boneless, skinless chicken breast @ $1.49/lb
- fresh, live blue crabs @ $1.49/lb

... and so much more! We left there with a trunk full of fresh produce, seafood and meats all for less than $90. We're set for quite a while. So back to my crabs. My husband jumped at the chance to have fresh live crabs for dinner. In fact, he made dinner tonight and it was pretty darn good. It's been quite some time since I got messy with a pile of steamy hot crabs so it was a fun dinner. Here's a little pictorial of how he prepared our crabs:

It's a live one, folks...
These are snappy little buggers...
Go to sleep little crabbies...
And here's a special spice to flavor it up...
To add some additional flavor and color: parsley...
and 15-20 minutes later, dinner is served!

While he steamed the crabs with the Chesapeake Bay seasoning, parsley and salt & pepper to taste, I roasted some corn in the oven and made a fresh fruit salad with some of the fruit we purchased.


  1. LOL...your post title is too funny.

    Yum...I love fresh seafood!!!

  2. $1.49/lb for blue crabs is a terrific price! Great crab dinner you had tonight.

  3. What a great find! You're so lucky- there's not much better than fresh seafood!

  4. You are silly! I'm glad your husband loved your crabs :)
    Seriously though, everything looks beautiful!

  5. I love the title of your post hehehe! They look great!

  6. Those look great! What wonderful prices you found.

  7. Wow! I love crabs and they look great!

    Those prices are incredible!

  8. Wow, you found some awesome prices on all of that produce and meat. I love finding deals like that! The meal sounds delicious, but I got a little sad at the go to sleep little crabbies

  9. lol at "go to sleep little crabbies!"

    looks like a fun cooking adventure :) not sure I'd be up for it! btw I love your new blog look! I hadn't clicked over from reader in awhile. The colors are fabulous!

  10. Incredible buys! I wish we had a market like that. That crab dish looks like something out of a fancy restaurant.

  11. Our husbands would SO get along. We went to the Asian market this weekend and it was my husband's second time ever. He went straight back to the seafood section and starting pointing out all the crabs and fish he wanted to take home.

  12. I love Crab, but Ive never prepared it at home. Ive only ever had king crab legs, so I think a whole crab like that would scare the hell outta me. lol

  13. What great buys! I have to say I've never made crabs--mostly because I'm a little intimidated by them. But this looks so easy! Since I'm a Kansas girl, though, I've never eaten a whole crab (except for soft shells), so I'm not quite sure how to do it and that intimidates me, too.

  14. Holy cow! I'm am seriously jealous over all of your wonderful buys! I wish I could find produce that cheap...

  15. Woah woah woah! Okay, hold on. First, which Chicago suburbs did you drive to, Indiana?? My partner, Do, is from Naperville and I was always under the impression that the city was cheaper than the suburbs! Maybe not the north side... so where do you shop? And as for the crabs, I'm very impressed. I've only ever cooked soft-shell crabs at home. My Uncle in Baltimore would occasionally hold family reunion-crab fests, but he would always buy the crabs pre-steamed at the docks, less of a mess that way. I'm so impressed that you cooked those buggers at home! Did you eat them inside as well?

  16. You got some really great deals!!!

  17. Oh nos the poor crabbies. I love crab but don't know if I would be able to cook them at home. Looks like a great recipe though!