The Other... Movie

Today some girlfriends are came over for my monthly book/movie gathering. We all read the same book in advance and watch the movie version together... over a themed potluck of dishes related to the book. This month the book/movie was The Other Boleyn Girl. In keeping with the theme of the book set in historic England, we all brought tea party fare for our themed potluck.

However we all soon confessed that none of us (exect for one) read the book. Many of the gals that attended missed last month's movie so we ended up watching The Kite Runner instead! Regardless, it was great event and the movie was good enough to see again (but I think the book was better.) For the potluck, I made a few things below including Turtle Brownies, Saltine Toffee Candy and Mini Cheese Quiche Bites. Read on for the recipes and pics of what the other gals brought in to share!

Maria's Quiche:

Dallas's Cucumber Tea Sandwiches:

Dallas's Awesome 3 Cheese Cheeseball:

Angie's Lemon Tomato Salad:

Scarlett's Deviled Eggs:


  1. i love the combination of salty and sweet together (try dipping pretzel sticks in nutella for a no fuss treat!)

    and i love how you made the brownies extra special by making them turtle brownies! :)

  2. Ooohhhh, I love turtles, I'll have to try those brownies!

  3. You have such great event ideas! Those brownies look amazing!

  4. Oh, My! The turtle brownies and mini quiches! I only wish I was able to host as many awesome events as you :)
    Keep the recipes coming!

  5. Careful posting those CI recipes - have you seen this?

  6. Mmmm... I know what I'm making tonight! Those chocolatey things for work tomorrow! Yum! It looks like you had a great time! (Oh, and if you get to the movie, read the book first - they're both excellent entertainment!)

  7. Suuuuuuuure....tell me to read the book and show up for the movie! 661pages later.... :-)

    j/k! I had a great time and I loved being able to hang out and meet some other people. It was so fun to FINALLY make it to a meetup!