Kitchenware & Cookbook Swap

Every other month, my friends and I come together to swap something food related. In the past, we've done the traditional cookie swap for the holidays, cupcakes, brownies/blondies and even fudge. This month we're swapping kitchenware & cookbooks.

If you're interested in getting some different cookbooks to check out or even some kitchenware items to play with, a great way to do so is to have your friends look through the items they have and don't want! In fact, you can even do a swap of purses, home decor, clothes, accessories, etc. Anything left over can be donated to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. It's a great way to recycle items and allows to you to do some inventory on what you have on hand.

We started out by having everyone put their giveaways in a room for display. This served as our "shopping room" that everyone would browse and select their items for the swap. Unfortunately, these are only a fraction of the items brought in to the swap! The room was full of items that I couldn't take a pictures of them all... and some items went fast!

But the funniest item of the swap was this book... who knew that Liberace had a cookbook?!
Once all our items were displayed, we had a simple lunch that I prepared of a burger platter & fixings, sweet potato fries, truffle salted fries and I also made some cinnamon sugar tortilla chips w/a fresh fruit salsa. After lunch, we all drew numbers to determine the order of who shops. For an added spin, we applied the "dirty swap" rule, in that you could take any item that anyone who shopped before you got from the shopping room. It made for some fun and some possessiveness! Here's the items I snagged from the swap: bamboo steamer, smore's maker, set of 4 glass mugs and a few cookbooks!To join in the fun, my fellow bloggers have submitted pics of their cookbooks du jour and their favorite kitchen tools. As I do with each blogging event I host, a lucky blogger receives a giveaway related to the food theme. This event's winner is Angie of Adventures of Home Cooking! Angie will be receiving a package of random cookbooks! (Don't worry Angie, I won't include the Liberace cookbook unless you really want it! Hahaha!) Congratulations Angie and thanks to all that participated in the blogging event! Read on to check out the pics submitted by my fellow bloggers...
Stina of Eat Something
from Tennessee
Stina loves her ice cream scoop and whisk, as well as her multitude of cookbooks! Kudos to her husband to helped her with this artistic shot of her entry. Check out her blog for details and some great dishes she shares!
Angie of Adventures of Home Cooking
from Chicago, IL
Angie has a great post on her favorite cooking tools and cookbooks! Do check it out as I'm sure many of you may have the same favorites!

Kazari of I Think I Have a Recipe For That
from Canberra, Australia
Happy Birthday Kazari! For her birthday, she received a cookbook stand and some great new cookbooks which will probably keep her busy in the kitchen for awhile. Check out her blog post and she what upcoming dishes she plans on making from the cookbooks!

of LemonBasil
from Portland, OR
Allison has a great blog post about public libraries... and I completely agree with her thoughts on renting books from the library rather than purchasing them. In fact, I'm known for placing books on hold every month every time I'm interested in buying a book. This allows me to see if I like a book enough to justify purchasing it! Check out her post and for a visual, here's some books Allison recently checked out from her public library:


  1. Wow, there's some great cookbooks here! Thanks again Joelen : )

  2. ::happy dance:: Lady, you have made my weekend!!