August Tasty Tools: Whisk Round Up!

I have a hard time believing that August has already passed us by! But before we completely welcome September, let's check out all the wonderful Tasty Tools entires for August featuring the Wonderful Whisk! Thanks to all that participated and hope you enjoy this collection of recipes to whip up with your whisks!
Carrie of Carrie in the Kitchen
Black & White Banana Cake
Carrie shares with us her whisk and her Black & White Banana Cake. For the recipe, you'll need to be a part of the Tuesdays With Dorie baking group. Check out Carrie's blog to email her and ask for the recipe!
Karen of Loves To Eat
from Florida
Creamy Garlic Buttermilk Dressing
Have you ever tried making your own salad dressing? Well Karen shares with us a tasty dressing recipe for those summery salads. For the recipe, check out her blog!

Amy of Just 2 Good
from Florida
Blueberry Muffins
Muffins must be the perfect breakfast because they are so versatile and easy to eat on the go. Amy shares with us a recipe for blueberry muffins after having quite a bit of blueberries on hand. For the recipe, check out her blog!
Robin of Made With Love
from Rhode Island
Crustless Sausage & Potato Quiche Tarts
One of my favorite meals is brunch because it offers lots of sweet and savory dishes that serve as main entrees. Robin shares with us a great brunch recipe for quiche tarts! She made this dish when she served up breakfast for dinner. For the recipe, check out her blog!
Kira of Food alla Puttanesca
from Tennessee
Tofu with Peanut-Ginger Sauce
Kira shares with us a great meatless meal full of flavor! I'm anxious to try this recipe soon. The sauce she whips us looks so tasty as well. For the recipe and to read her thoughts on tofu, check out Kira's blog!

Cora of Better Than Takeout
from Canada
Basic Bechamel Sauce
French sauces can be intimidating to make... but Cora makes it easy in her recipe. In fact, she also provides some variations to the basic sauce to create other ones. To find out what sauces can be made using a basic bechamel sauce and for recipes, check out Cora's blog!
Stephanie of Steph's Kitchen
from Michigan
Sloppy Joes
With the fall weather upon us, Stephanie shares her recipe for Sloppy Joes. It's comforting and so easy to make! Check out her delicious recipe in her blog and start gearing up for fabulous fall foods!
Kelsey of Apple A Day
Lighter Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Many folks these days are looking to eat healthier. Kelsey shares with us a healthy recipe for Chicken Enchilada Casserole. To find out how her whisk played a role in making this dish, check out her recipe!
Carrie of Carrie's Sweet Life
from Minnesota
Chicken Alfredo
A comforting meal to me is pasta and Carrie makes a delicious Chicken Alfredo. She used her whisk to get a perfect consistency for her alfredo sauce. Check out Carrie's blog for the recipe she used!
Kate of Paved With Good Intentions
from California
Acai Vinaigrette
These days you'll see "acai" pop up in menus, grocery aisles and recipes. I have yet to play with this ingredient but I hope to soon. Kate uses acai juice to make a great vinaigrette for some summer salads. For the recipe, check out her blog!
Annie of Annie's Eats
from Indiana
Margarita Glazed Madeleines
Annie never ceases to amaze me because she has such great recipes in her blog. This month, she shares with us some delicious madeleines which she creatively glazed with hints of lime, tequila and Grand Marnier. Who wouldn't want to try these delicate cakes?! For her recipe, check out her blog!

Amy of Tart Reform
from Washington DC
Green Bean & Cherry Tomato Salad
I'm a big fan of fresh vegetables and Amy shares a wonderful recipe for a fresh green bean & cherry tomato salad. She was inspired by another food blogger and served this as a side to a great baked ziti dinner. For the recipe, check out Amy's blog!
Renea of Sweet, Savory, Southern
from Alabama
Asian Pork Stir Fry
Renea joins the event with a delicious recipe for pork stir fry. What I like about this recipe is the sauce she whips up using soy sauce, honey and garlic. For the full recipe, check out her blog and give it a try!
Oggi of I Can Do That!
from Washington State
Homemade Greek Style Yogurt
If you're a fan of thick and creamy Greek style yogurt like Fage, perhaps you can try your hand at making it from scratch at home! That is exactly what Oggi did and she shares with us the recipe for Homemade Greek Style Yogurt. I'm anxious to try this out soon. Check out her blog for the recipe and how her whisk played a part!
Jill of Hey, That Tastes Good!
from Pennsylvania
Gluten-free apricot almond shortbread bars
Apricot preserves are the highlight of this sweet dessert that Jills shares with us! In fact, she used apricot preserves/jam from Hungary to make these bars extra special. For the delicious recipe, check out her blog!
Kim of Live Love Laugh Eat!
from Virginia
Marinated Canteloupe and Prosciutto
With cantelope on sale these days, I've been able to enjoy it in both sweet and savory dishes. Kim shares with us a great appetizer using canteloupe and proscuitto. For the recipe and to see how she used her whisk for this dish, check out her blog!

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