Tres Leches Flan Cake

The following recipe was prepared for my Tamales cooking class. You can read about my class and get other links to recipes HERE.

Tres Leches Flan Cake
1 (18.25 oz.) box butter/yellow cake mix and ingredients to prepare as directed on box
1 (12 oz) can of regular Coke or Pepsi

1 (10.9-oz.) jar cajeta (caramel topping) or caramel ice cream topping

1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (12 oz.) can evaporated milk
3 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Heat oven to 350 degrees

1.) Follow instructions to make cake, but use the can of coke instead of water.
2.) Set cake mix aside and make flan
3.) Put the flan ingredients in a blender and mix well
4.) Spray the bundt pan with Pam and then cover the bottom with carmel
5.) Pour cake mix into bundt pan.
6.) Pour the flan mix gently down one side of the pan. The flan will go to the bottom and the cake mix will raise up a bit as the flan mixture fills the bottom of the pan.
7.) Set the bundt pan in a larger pan or tray with hot water. You are creating a bain marie or water bath, so you only need a couple inches of water.
8.) Put it all in the oven and it will cook for at least 45 minutes and as much as an hour.
9.) Check the cake doneness with a toothpick. The cake will stay more moist than most cakes you've ever made and you will see it separate a bit from the pan when it is done.
10.) Let it cool and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.
11.) Take it out two hours before you plan to serve. Turn the bundt pan over and let it sit while warming to room temperature.
12.) The bundt pan should then lift off to reveal a layer of flan, topped with carmel sitting atop a very moist cake.


  1. Looks amazing! I want to make this, but I do not understand how you can pour the flan down the side of the bunt pan with the cake batter in the pan. Any comments would be great :)

    1. I make the chocoflan which is the same except with chocolate cake. What I do is pour the cake batter into the pan and the gently pour the flan mixture over the cake mix. Cover and bake for 90 minutes. In a ban Marie, I use a bundt pan

    2. Our it right down the side, between cake pan and batter. Thr flan mix is thicker and heavier than the batter and will sink to the bottom

  2. this is an awesome cake..don't skip the coca cola substitution, it changes a box cake into something fabulous. follow the great instructions and you will have success. thanks Joelen.

  3. Hi Joelen,
    This looks great! Will it also work with caramelized sugar (same as for leche flan) ?

  4. Just a random question, did the batter almost spill out of your pan by the time you were done pouring in the flan mixture?

  5. When you take the cake out two hours before you plan to serve it, do you immediately turn the pan over (as if you were removing it from the pan) or do you wait to flip it until right before you serve it? I'm worried about it separating/falling apart if I turn it over too soon.

    1. I flipped mine while it was warming up and I got a soupy mess! I don't know what exactly you are supposed to do but what I did, did not work.

  6. I made this cake this weekend and i would have to say it was AWSOME, came out great for my first time making it, did not break, looked and tasted fantastic, thanks for this wonderful recipe

  7. Great cake but prefer water in the cake mix over coke I could taste the coke in the cake made it to sweet for me. Make sure to cool in the frig so you don't have warm flan oozing everywhere which is what I did the first time. I even like the cake served cold out of the refrigerator. Everyone loves this cake.

  8. @Norma Maldonado - Yes! Here's my chocoflan cake, made in the same way using chocolate cake instead:

  9. Just wondered why you chose to use cola instead of water, milk, buttermilk, or other liquid for the cake?

  10. Great recipe... Just wondering why you don't include a print option... That would make it much easier to follow the recipe...

  11. You can easily print by doing a [CTRL + P] for the recipe here or any website :)