Andersonville Food Tour!

Today was an especially fun day with friends. We toured a small section of Andersonville's Clark St. where many culinary boutiques lined one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city. Here are the places we visited... and if you're ever in the area, definitely stop in!

Tomboy Restaurant
5402 N. Clark St.
A great place for Sunday Brunch to start out our culinary adventure!
Looking for brunch recs?
We loved the Greetalian Omelet & Breakfast Burrito...
Pasticceria Natalina

5406 N. Clark St.
An Italian pastry shop filled with delicious treats.

City Olive

5408 N. Clark St.
An olive oil shop that carries some unique olive oils and olive oil products.

Bon Bon

5410 N. Clark St.
A unique chocolate boutique with amazing truffles and chocolate confections.

In Fine Spirits

5418 N. Clark St.
A great wine shop offering rare and favorite wines that are not only good but affordable.
The Brown Elephant
5404 N. Clark St.
Resale Shop

To end the tour, we also stopped in The Brown Elephant, a local resale shop. This is one of my fave places in the city for some great housewares and cookbook finds. Today, I scored a teak wood salad bowl & salad servers (to complete my set at home), 6 bamboo mini prep bowls, small olive oil cruet, 2 small glass canisters, seafood cookbook, folding card table, 4 white porcelain side bowls, and a few misc items for the hubby... all for less than $20. Woohoo!


  1. my bestfriend lives in that area and we are visiting her this coming summer.Cant wait to check out these restos...especially the chocolate place.

  2. That looks like such a fun day!

  3. It's always fun to visit Andersonville.. Feels completely different from any other city in Chicago.

  4. I've only been to the Brown Elephant in Oak Park, but I've been wanting to try the other locations.

    Oh, and Pasticceria Natalina--yum! I read about it in Chicago Mag a while back (and about the married owners, too cute) and visited last year.