Tasty Tools: Baking sheets pans!

For December's Tasty Tools event, we're highlighting baking sheet pans to keep with the holiday cookie season. Aside from cookies, these baking sheet pans can be used for many other dishes. What do you use yours for?

If you happen to use a baking sheet pan for any of your cooking and/or baking this month, submit a recipe you've made with a picture of it on a baking sheet pan to the event all throughout the month of December.

1) Make a recipe using a baking sheet pan and create a blog post about it from now (the date of this post) until midnight, December 31st.

2) Add a link back to my blog within your blog post, Joelen's Culinary Adventures

3) Send an email using this contact form with the following information:
- Title of the blogging adventure in subject line
- Your name, state/country location
- Your food blog name & link to your event entry with picture


  1. Woo hoo! I think I can actually compete in this one!

  2. If only I had known about this event earlier. We just cooked something that looked like pizza on it this afternoon. :(

    I will see if I can participate in this event but chances are slim as I'm at my in-laws place till after New Year.

  3. You'll need at least two baking sheets and if you plan on doing a lot of baking, you will probably want more. It's also a good idea to have a couple of large ones and also one or two smaller sizes, that can be used for other things such as pizza, jelly roll or for other oven cooking needs.