Biscotti Bonanza!

Unfortunately, my husband has to work tomorrow on Christmas Eve. I decided to bake a few things today that he could take in tomorrow to share with his staff. I absolutely love baking and cooking for his staff at work. It allows me the opportunity to try new recipes and share them with others. (I especially like the fact we don't have all these sweet temptations around at home where I could easily indulge and regret it all later!)

With some random baking ingredients on hand, I decided to make various kinds biscotti for them to enjoy. These are great to make since the recipe doesn't call for any butter and uses pantry staples. Biscotti are great gifting goodies because they have a long shelf life and sturdy enough to package up. Here's the biscotti line up I making (click the links for the recipes!):


  1. My husband has to work overnight on Christmas eve too.

    Can't wait to see the recipe for the spicy chai tea version.

  2. Oh man! These all look so good but the chocolate chip ones are making me drool!

    P.S.- Thanks for always leaving such positive feedback on my blog! It always makes me smile =)

  3. What a nice thing to do! They all look amazing, especially the Almond Joy!

  4. Wow, these all look great!!! Your husband (and his coworkers) will be so happy :) I have been wanting to try to make biscotti, and might just try one of these recipes!