Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FOUR New Monthly Blogging Events!

Ever since I started hosting blogging events that coincide with my cooking group's adventures, it has gotten kind of hectic and confusing to keep up. So starting in January, I'll only be hosting 4 specific blogging events each month. These are the 4 main events I'll be hosting monthly for my group here in Chicago and will open it up to the bloggosphere as well. January's themes for these events are now reflected on my blog's left sidebar. Hope you will consider joining in!

As an avid cook, I'm guilty for taking the tools of the trade for granted. With my monthly Tasty Tools blogging event, we highlight the tools we use. Fellow bloggers are welcome to submit a recipe using the chosen tool of the month for the event. As a result, we have a collection of recipes that utilizes the tools. This often helps folks be inspired to use them more or even justify new kitchen toy purchases!

My Chef Spotlight Dinners highlight a specific chef or a group of chefs for the contributions they have made to the culinary community. Each month friends prepare a dish of the chosen chef(s) to share for a potluck dinner I host. Bloggers are welcome to participate by blogging about a dish/recipe of the chosen chef(s).

Foodie Films is an event where my friends and I get together to watch a food related movie over a potluck of dishes inspired by the storyline. For this event, bloggers are welcome to participate by blogging about a dish/recipe inspired by the storyline. I encourage you to watch the chosen movies too and share your thoughts within your submissions!

After a trip to the wine country of Sonoma & Napa, CA in 2007, I was inspired to learn more about wine. I love researching about food and sharing what I've learned with others. Every month I host our 'Wine & Dine' events. Friends come over to learn about specific wine varietals and enjoy tasting many of them over paired foods of a certain theme/cuisine. Bloggers are welcome to participate by blogging about a dish/recipe of the chosen cuisine that's paired with the varietal of the month... or their favorite names/labels of the chosen wine varietal.