Indian Adventure Round Up!

This past weekend, I spent time with friends exploring Chicago's Devon Ave. This culinary neighborhood tour inspired me to host an Indian & European Eats Blogging Event. Quite a few bloggers participated and here are the wonderful recipes that they have shared. If you're intimidated by Indian or European cuisine, hopefully you'll give these recipes a try and discover how delicious these cuisines are!

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for participating!

Renee of Savory Safari
from Washington DC
Tandoori ChickenWhat Indian recipe round up would it be without the popular Indian dish, tandoori chicken? Renee shares this recipe and it's a great dish to try for folks just learning about Indian cuisine. What I really like about the recipe Renee shares is that it uses pantry staples and spices most folks have on hand. Check out her blog and give this recipe a try!

Malani of Cravings
from Maharashtra, a state in India
(currently in California)
Masala OkraMalani taught me that okra is a common fresh vegetable in India. Who knew? The vegetable is actually known as bhindi. Her recipe for Masala Okra is a great way to prepare okra with some Indian flair. Check out her blog for the recipe and to learn about other interesting ingredients used! (I learned a lot from her post and I'm sure you will too!)

Erica of Erica's Kitchen Adventures
from Pennsylvania
Chicken Korma & Indian Style Basmati Rice
If you're interested in trying/cooking Indian cuisine for the first time, Erica can totally relate. Her recipes for Chicken Korma and Indian Style Basmati Rice were her first attempt to make and eat Indian cuisine! She did an excellent job and has some great step by step pictures too. Check out her blog for the recipes and give them a try!

Kira of Food alla Puttanesca
from Tennessee
Indian-Inspired Chickpeas & Spinach in a Tomato Cream SauceNot sure how Indian food will taste the follow day? Let Kira reassure you! She made this dish and ended up eating it the following day... and she was blown away. Perhaps this dish may be better the following day but regardless, it's a recipe you should try. Check out her blog for the recipe!

Tammie of My Little World
from Ohio
Tammie has a great neighbor to learn authentic Indian cooking from. She shares with us her neighbor's recipe for Upma, a breakfast dish that can be eaten for lunch or snack. Tammie even suggests it as a side dish. Check out Tammie's blog for the recipe!

Sudeshna of Here I Cook
from Bangalore, India
Baigan BhartaSudeshna joins us from across the globe to share her dish of Baigan Bharta. This dish is made with eggplant and looks like a wonderful side dish. One thing I really enjoyed about Sudeshna's recipe is that she included both the English and Hindi words for the ingredients. Such a great thing to learn, especially when I hit up the ethnic grocery stores near me! Check out Sudeshna's blog for a wonderful vegetarian recipe!

Nancy of Gaga in the Kitchen
from California
Naan, Indian Chicken Curry, & Aloo Gobi
Nancy has hit the trifecta with me because she shares with us three of my fave Indian dishes! Naan is a common bread served with an Indian meal and is a great 'dipper' to sop up all the deliciousness. Indian Chicken Curry is a rich and flavorful stew, whereas Aloo Gobi is a fragrant and a great dish using cauliflower. Check out her blog for these recipes and have yourself an Indian cuisine night!


  1. Beautiful round up. I wanted to send something, but forgot about the event.

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  3. Hi Joelen,
    Nice roundup, it feels great that you have taken the time to write something for each post

  4. Thanks for the roundup. I love cooking Indian food, consider this entry bookmarked!

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