Monday, December 15, 2008

To Brie, Or Not To Brie?

Thanks to my friends at President Cheese, I received this wonderful package of their special Brie log, Stonewall Kitchen Raspberry Jam and Carr's Water Crackers. This comes at a perfect time especially after my busy weekend.

I happen to love President Cheese that (little did they know!) I always have a large wheel of their Brie on hand. However their Brie log is a perfect shape for crackers and appetizers. The rind on President's Brie log is so thin, even those that don't like to eat the rind (like myself) won't mind it at all!

So what kinds of recipes do you use brie in? I'd love to hear from you and learn some new recipes to use it in or perhaps other accouterments you eat brie with! In the meantime, here are some recipes I have within my blog using brie...