Cupcake Confessions...

So I have a confession. I was supposed to bake 40+ cupcakes for a baby shower today but due to the long lasting Italian luncheon I hosted yesterday, I was drained of all my energy. Sure, I could have pulled an all-nighter making the cupcakes and frosting from scratch, but I knew that doing so would leave me cranky and I wouldn't have enjoyed being among friends. In an effort to save me from being irritable, I subjected myself to buying the cupcakes from the store. {Gasp!}

But oh no, that's not all. Aside from my original plan of making the cupcakes from scratch, I also planned on making fondant diapers to top my cupcakes. To get the supplies I needed, I visited a local cake decorating store and talked with the owner for a good 30 minutes about her business. Emily does a fantastic job with sugarcraft and porcelain cake decor! In our conversation, we even struck up a business idea to work together by combining her personal sugarcraft classes with my group, What's Cookin Chicago. We hope to iron out details within the next few weeks to have an event confirmed by March. She also encouraged me to take sugarcraft classes to learn how to make sugar flowers and cake decor. I'm still debating on whether I'd like to do it. It just seems so painstakingly time consuming! But will see... I've gotten requests to make cakes from folks and having this skill may come in handy. (If you have sugarcraft experience, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!)

So, back to the fondant diapers... yeah, that didn't happen either. I ended up purchasing the diaper decor from Emily because I loved her work. They were adorable and such a cute way to top cupcakes for the baby shower!

Looking back, I don't regret it at all, because in the end everyone enjoyed them and I still received quite a bit of compliments on the decor and creating a cupcake tree. More importantly, I had a great time and had enough sleep to enjoy being with girlfriends. The mommies to be loved them and I just had to share this cute pic where they are lined up left to right, beginning with who's due date is coming up....


  1. I *guess* we can forgive you. ;-) It was so great seeing you yesterday! We should meet more often. I can stroke your hair....

  2. No one ever remembers the food, but they do remember the atmosphere. Good job and make not apologies!

  3. Very cute. Don't worry about store bought. You're very busy with all of the hosting.

    I don't agree that no one remembers the food.. but, you don't have to worry about that because the cupcakes look great!

    Lots of pregnant friends you have there!

  4. I'd still eat them. ;-)
    The diapers are so cute! What a cute idea!

  5. Is that you at the end of the pic?........