Happy New Year!

Gung Hay Fat Choy... Sun Nien Fai Lok!
Cantonese translation: May you become prosperous... Happy New Year!

Maligayang Bagong Taon!
Tagalog translation: Happy New Year!

It's a day to celebrate in many areas of the world as today marks the Chinese New Year, the year of the Ox! My husband is part Chinese so Chinese New Year has a special meaning for us. There are quite a few Chinese living in Philippines so I'm sure my family overseas are celebrating in a big way.

For the Chinese New Year, I'm sharing the wonderful Chinese inspired dishes that fellow bloggers have submitted to my Wine & Dine blogging event this month. Today would be a great day to enjoy a Chinese inspired dish in light of the Chinese New Year, even if you're not Chinese! Thanks to all those that participated... all these dishes look amazing and have me craving some serious Chinese food!

TS & JS of [eatingclub] Vancouver
from Vancouver, Canada
Hong Kong Style Cuttlefish
One of my favorite blogs ever belongs to sisters, TS & JS of [eatingclub] Vancouver. Everything they make teases my palatte and I suppose that's because we tend to have the same ethnic tastes in food. So I'm thrilled that they shared their recipe for Hong Kong Style Cuttlefish. If you've ever been out for Chinese Dim Sum, you may have seen this dish floating on one of the passing carts. Give it a try - its delicious! Check out TS & JS's blog for the recipe so you can try making it at home too!

TS & JS of [eatingclub] Vancouver
from Vancouver, Canada
Mama's Silkie Chicken (Dyong Kwe)
Every time I go to my favorite Asian markets, I pass by these frozen silkie chicken which are black. If you're an avid Top Chef fan, you may recall black chicken used in one of the quick fire challenges a season or two ago. Thanks to TS & JS, I can plan on picking up a silkie chicken and make this recipe. I'm quite excited too since it's been ages since I've eaten silkie chicken (which I've had as a soup and also stewed). Check out TS & JS's blog for some great pics and how their mama's recipe is made!

Cassie of Cassie's Ruminations
from Washington State
Hot & Sour Soup
My husband's favorite soup whenever we go out for Chinese food is hot & sour soup. He's been asking me to make this and I hope to make it soon! Check out Cassie's blog for this delicious recipe and stay warm during these winter months!

Cassie of Cassie's Ruminations
from Washington State
Hom Bao (Steamed Pork & Vegetable Buns)
Bao is a great meal all by itself and Cassie shares with us a recipe filled with pork and vegetables. I grew up eating bao (aka siopao to Filipinos) and it definitely is a comfort food. Check out Cassie's blog for the recipe and give these a try!

Amy of Just2Good
from Florida
Orange Chicken
Amy and I both rave about Cook's Illustrated's recipe for Orange Chicken! She prepared this dish in an effort to recreate her favorite Chinese take out foods at home. She did a delicious job, if I must say so myself. Check out Amy's blog for the recipe!

Kira of Food alla Puttanesca
from Tennessee
MaPo Tofu
If you haven't tried cooking with tofu, this is a great recipe to start! MaPo Tofu is one of my favorite tofu dishes because it's so flavorful. Kira's recipe that she shares is also healthy! Check out Kira's blog for the details!

Amanda of Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake
from Alabama
Egg Drop Soup
Amanda joins us to share a tasty recipe for Egg Drop Soup! Given the cold weather, this soup is a wonderful way to warm up the new year! Check out Amanda's blog for the recipe!

Sarina of TriniGourmet
from Trinidad
Yu Sheng/Yee Sang “Rainbow Raw Fish Salad”
Sarina joins us to share a great recipe and amazing photos! This time she prepared a "Rainbow Raw Fish Salad." It's a colorful salad made with lots of great vegetables and smoked salmon. Check out Sarina's blog for the recipe!

Melissa of Made By Mel
from New Hampshire
Sweet & Sour Chicken
One of my fave Chinese American dishes is Sweet & Sour Chicken with the sauce on the side. Melissa makes a great version in her blog that has a wonderful crunchy outside and a sweet and tangy sauce. Check out Melissa's blog for the recipe!

Rochelle of Num Yummy Recipes
from Indiana
Beef (Venison) with Broccoli
Adapted from The Everything Chinese Cookbook, Rochelle shares with us this classic dish using venison! It's a colorful and healthy dish that's just as good as any restaurant's version! Check out Rochelle's blog for the recipe!

Rochelle of Num Yummy Recipes
from Indiana
Sesame Chicken
Another recipe from The Everything Chinese Cookbook, this sesame chicken certainly does look delicious and just like the restaurant version! Check out Rochelle's blog for the recipe!


  1. Xin nian kuai le! (Mandarin)

  2. Wow! So many recipes for some of my fave Chinese takeout dishes... esp. ma po tofu!! Great roundup... I'm bookmarking like crazy :)

  3. Belated Happy Chinese New Year! (I know, I know, I'm so very late.)

    Great round-up! And thanks for including both dishes. =)