Tasty Tools: Baking Sheets Round Up!

It's baking season and the one piece of bakeware used the most this month are baking sheets! We've highlighted them for December's Tasty Tools and we've gotten the following recipes using this tool. Thanks to all those that participated and hope you check out these fellow blogs for some great recipes to try!
from Massachusetts
Lumberjack Cookies
These cookies are a fave of Jen's husband... and if he likes them, I'm sure your loved ones will too! Check out Jen's blog for the recipe along with many other cookies she's made for the season!
Katie of The Summertree Cafe
from Kansas
Pomegranate Buttermilk Bites
I really enjoy reading Katie's blog and I was thrilled to have her join in our Tasty Tools this month. She shares with us these beautiful Pomegranate Buttermilk Bites. What I like about this is that the recipe introduces me to ingredients I don't normally work with. Check out Katie's blog for the recipe!
Stephanie of CIA-Cooking In an Apron
from California
Football Cookies
Stephanie has some great decorating skills which is pretty evident in her Football Cookies! These are great and if you're looking for some inspiration and ideas for the upcoming Superbowl, be sure to check out Stephanie's blog for the recipe!
Carly of Live. Laugh. Grow.
from West Virginia
Banana Biscotti & Walnut Wafers
Carly hosted a holiday cookie swap and some treats she shared with friends included these Banana Biscotti and Walnut Wafers. These made great holiday food gifts and sweets to keep around the house to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Check out Carly's blog for the recipes!
Sarina of TriniGourmet
from Trinidad
Sarina joins us from sunny Trinidad! I'd love to be in Trinidad about now... and far away from the bitter Chicago cold! Although from Trinidad, Sarina shares with us a Venezuelan recipe for arepas. To find out more about arepas and what things she fills them with, check out her blog!
Meghan of Kitchen Notes
from Illinois
Citrus Thumbprint Cookies w/Rose Hip Jam
Meghan is practically a neighbor of mine and I'm delighted she's joined us in her first blogging event! She shares with us these Citrus Thumbprint Cookies with a special jam. To learn more about Rose Hip Jam and how she used them in this cookie, check out her blog!
Jessica of Cooking Up Memories
from Wisconsin
Santa's Surprise Cookies
Once I found out what the surprise was in Jessica's Santa's Surprise Cookies, I'm willing to play Santa any time of year just to get a taste of these cookies! Wanna know what's in them? Check out Jessica's blog for the recipe!
Rick of Gastronomic Gifts
from Canada
Jam Filled Turnovers
Rick shares with us the recipe for Jam Filled Turnovers... which are filled with some delicious sweetness. These make a great addition to any holiday table or even as gifts! Check out Rick's blog for the recipe!
Carrie of Carrie's Sweet Life
from Minnesota
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Carrie is a sweetheart for making these Kiss Cookies every year for her mom. Not a fave of Carrie's but one that her mom enjoys. I'm a big fan of these and somehow they taste better during the holidays than any other time during the year. Check out Carrie's blog of the recipe!

Robin of Made with Love
from Rhode Island
Katie's Cheesecake Delights
With lots of baking going on during the holidays, using packaged ingredients is a relief and time saver! Robin shares with us these cookies, Katie's Cheesecake Delights. It combines sugar cookies, cheesecake pudding, raspberry jam and white chocolate... what's not to love?! These cookies are sure to be a hit so check out Robin's blog for the recipe!
Oggi of I Can Do That!
from Virginia
Sweet Potato Rolls
Oggi shares this great looking recipe for Sweet Potato Rolls. Who knew that the humble sweet potato would be the shining superstar of this bread recipe? If you happen to have any leftover sweet potatoes from the holidays, this is a great recipe to try out. Check out Oggi's blog for the recipe!
Kelsey of Apple a Day
from Arizona
Gumdrop Cookies
Candies are popular add ins for cookies during the holidays and Kelsey shares with us her Gumdrop Cookies. These are not only colorful but so creative! These would be fun to make with children or to enjoy all to yourself. Check out Kelsey's blog for the recipe!
Karen of Loves to Eat
from Florida
Italian Sprinkle Cookies
Everyone has a great holiday cookie to share and Karen is no exception! These Italian Sprinkle Cookies are packed full of flavor and are perfect for any holiday cookie swap or gift giving as they make quite a bit. Check out Karen's blog for the recipe!
Jen of Beantown Baker
from Massachusetts
Fresh Cranberry Orange Cookies
Cranberry Orange is a common flavor combination that Jen packs into a cookie. What makes these cookies stand out is the use of fresh cranberries instead of dried! Check out Jen's blog for the recipe and give these a try!
Nancy of Gaga in the Kitchen
from California
Cheesy Biscuits
Sometimes biscuits need a little oomph and Nancy has a buttery, cheesy oomph of a recipe! Her Cheesy Biscuits were inspired by those infamous biscuits at Red Lobster and used an adapted recipe from Paula Deen. Check out Nancy's blog for the recipe!
Rachel of The Crispy Cook
from New York
Ginger-Nut Lace Cookies (Gluten Free)
Rachel shares with us these Gluten Free Ginger Nut Lace Cookies... and they've gotten the tasty seal of approval from her husband! These are sure to be a hit for anyone, gluten free or not. They're not too sweet or too spicy... sounds just perfect to me! Check out Rachel's blog for the recipe and give these a try soon.
Amy of Skinny Food By Amy
Foil Pack Chicken Fajitas
Amy has a great cooking tip by using foil packets to prepare this specific meal. It's a perfect way to portion control and super easy for clean up! Her Foil Pack Chicken Fajitas simply baked right in the foil on top of a baking sheet... how much easier could it be?! Check out Amy's blog for the great recipe!
Cathy of Cathy's Kitchen Journey
from New York
Mock Shake & Bake Chicken
Cathy was looking for a less messy and healthier alternative to classic fried chicken and so her Mock Shake & Bake Chicken was born! This is a great recipe that cuts out the fat from frying and uses your baking sheet as a means to catch any coating from baking. Did I mention that cleanup is a breeze too? Check out Cathy's blog for the recipe!


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